Why do you support Alcaraz?

Why do you like Carlito?

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no offence
but i do think his face is not my cup of tea
i like watching him playing
he is agressive which is rare nowadays
his mobility reminds me of young rafa
that said rafa is my favorite forever


I always support thoughtful people, which in tennis means those who are thoughtful of the ballkids and bounce the ball to them rather than let it roll so the kids have to bend down all the time. Thiem and Alcaraz are two such players.


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Been following Yung Charlie neva Broke Again since late 2019. Got on the hype train early. His game entertained me, brutal and offensive minded. Reminded me of Fed but now I reckon he’s more of a mix of the Big 3. He’s exciting and he’ll put a$$es in seats.

Whether you’re a fan of his game or not, you should want him to succeed. Lord knows the tour needs it.

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Sad to see some of Rafa’s fans abandon the old bull for the flavor of the month. I rooted for Nadal to beat Alcaraz so I’m a bigger Rafa fan than them.

It's very sad to see in some and it's probably the reason I can't get behind Alcaraz. In theory if he went nuclear he could gatekeep the slam record for Rafa but I am still just annoyed by the Spanish ship jumpers.


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I've cast my voted and said that I like the way he plays. But that's not all; or, that's just too general I guess. I want to expand on my choice of vote here. I like Alcaraz because he wants to hit every ball as hard as he can and that even the difficult shots mean an opportunity to him. I also like Alcaraz because there are no other reliable players at the top currently.
I like the way he plays and I really, really like how he enjoys when he wins points. He seems to love the game out there! And so far anyway, no temper tantrums or drama. It’s like - he just wants to play tennis and have fun.