Why don't players jump over the net anymore??


When I was a little kid back in the 1970's players used to jump over the net to shake the hands of their opponent when they won a big match. When did they stop doing this and why? Here is an example of my favorite tennis player as a youth, the great john newcombe...
After what happened a couple of weeks ago, James Blake may not go anywhere near the net again.

After the match, he may just wave from the baseline.
Well... there might have been potential for Rafael Nadal to celebrate by jumping over the net... but last year, while practicing for Roland Garros, he jumped over the net and fell and was injured just enough to end up not playing Roland Garros.

Maybe he learned it wasn't the brightest of ideas... Maybe players feel that one bad hurdle is enough to make them the laughing stock of the game as press conference reporters repeatedly ask stupid questions like "are you going to jump over the net again next time?" and perhaps they'd be rightfully too embarassed to play under pressure in public.

All exhageration and kidding aside... I don't think it's that big a deal. If you want victory bravado you can always go back to this year's Australian Open Doubles champions who stripped down to their tighty whities in public, Santoro who after a great match has the funkiest/funniest looking attempt at sliding down onto his back on clay (it just looks so goofy and clumsy), mooning the crowd, or even a "Psych!!!" handshake at the net :) (okay, so I haven't stopped kidding yet.)

Players lost thier net jumping skills with the demise of serve & volley tennis. These skills to quickly approach the net and lunge have been forgotten and these mucles have atrophied. :lol:
Notice in that photo that no-one in the crowd is applauding? Obviously, the match is over, but the fans are holding their collective breath to see if Newk clears the net...

Another thing winning players always used to do is throw their racquet straight up in the air. That, as well, is something that is very rarely done today.

Interestingly, I only saw one of those racquets ever actually land. I assume the rest are still up there... somewhere...
Sad thing is, clearing the net is SOOO easy, no one should EVER miss trip over it, especially not over the middle. I'm 5'10 and 14 years old and I can touch rim on 10 feet!
lol I'd never heard about Nadal missing out on RG 04 because of this. I wonder if he would have won that year...
If he didn't, I'd say he'd make it far and put his name on the radar (although I didn't even think I'd watch or play tennis back then so I don't know how much he was talked about)