Why has my ad not shown up?

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by TW Staff, May 7, 2014.

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    Jan 21, 2004
    Please review the following to make sure you followed all the guidelines for posting an ad:

    Posting Checklist
    1. Please use the new mandatory form for every ad. Failure to use form will be an automatic deletion. Form is in the sticky at the top of the FS/T forum.
    2. Post an "out of 10" rating for EVERY product listed. Example: 8.0/10
    3. INCLUDE DETAILS in your post. This is MANDATORY if your frame is in very good shape (9-9.5/10). If you state "excellent condition, only used for a few minutes," Chances are you WILL NOT pass the filter. Your MUST include the following details: 1) specific amount of time used (under 30 minutes will be deleted) as well as 2) any cosmetic blemishes.
    4. Include contact information. It's a pain for us to have to approve EVERY "interested" post after your initial post.
    5. Include a picture whenever possible.
    6. Include other pertinent info, leaving details out only makes the filtering admin/mod think twice. Make it easier for US.
    7. New, NOS (new old stock), never used/worn, items rated 9.6+/10, pre-production items, TW playtesting items, items used less than 30 minutes, pro stock and items with tags/plastic on the handle will automatically be deleted.
    8. We only allow 1 ad per product. Please do not post multiple ads of the same product. If you want your ad to be bumped to the top, we allow users to add a post on to their original ad with new information (for example- new price, new condition, new strings, now accepting trades, etc).
    If you have done all the following and your ad was still deleted, please contact us at discussadmin@tennis-warehouse.com


    TW Staff
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