Why I don't like Del Potro...

Alejandro D

Murray and Delpo's history come from the times when they were juniors. It seems to be that Murray's obnoxious mum used to harass her son's opponents. And she did it again during 2008's Rome MS. So Delpo said to Murray "It's always the same, you and your mother never change". And he's right.


nice.. you have an opinion! it's good to have opinions... it's like derrieres.. everyone has one!
I don't. I lost mine in a freak bobsledding accident. :oops:

To the OP:

I will make an offering tonight to the forum gods to drop the banhammer on you.

Del Potro is an okay player. He's not my cup o' tea, but hey, he's another (young) player on the tour who is getting consistent...that's always good for the game of tennis, I say.

Carry on.


Del Po is alright.... a lil dry... but he gets the job done. Maybe I have a thing for the South American soccer teams.., some spill over from there I guess.


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* the guy is mostly a baseline basher, rarely comes into net or initiates slices
* he has ZERO personality, he's like an automaton out there in a time tennis desperately needs personalities
This is BS... many times during tonight's match he followed up an excellent deep, cross-court BH with a transition to the net followed by a stupendous volley.

He also slices very well, changing pace, on the BH wing.

Did you even watch tonight's match?


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I couldn't agree more.
Del Potro is an excellent player. I really enjoy his game and he is so calm and composed on court.
Me either. Love how well he strikes the ball, and I really enjoy watching his backhand.

I think he is where tennis is headed. Towards much taller athletic guys, guys that can hold because their serves are so big, and move well enough to be able to break serve.


I hate to put you on the spot like this, and feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure you were one of his detractors about 9 months ago.

Because he showed no mental toughness and lost 2 sets 0 and 0 in under what, 35 minutes?

However, recently he has been showing mental toughness that is very rare in a player of his age, and he has shown that he has improved tremendously in alot of areas.

Oh, and the one thing I really emphasized about Del Potro was how he blew Argentina's chance to win a Davis Cup. That was the biggest thing that I didn't like about him. But that's small in the bigger picture.