Why is Karatsev not sponsored yet?


Which companies are completely integrated: Racquet, Apparel, Shoes. :unsure:
Off the top of my head.

Head, Wilson, and Prince.

Babolat has racquets and shoes but not an apparel player.
Adidas has shoes and apparel but not a racquet player.
Lacoste and Nike have apparel and shoes but not a racquet player.
Babolat has several ATP pros with racquet, shoes and apparel.
Yes, certainly no history of doping in Russian athletes state sponsored or otherwise. In fact, I call it "Clean Russia." Many recent succes stories shows Russians are just working hard!! Go Clean Karatsev, ya know because of his Clean ground strokes
This is true. All athletes from known state-sponsored doping countries, like Russia or Great Britain, are under a cloud of suspicion.


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If Karatsev can maintain a Top 30 ranking until the end of the season he will make bank. How much bank is of course subject to negotiation. Sponsor will be more concerned over TV air time rather than his personality. An ATP Top 30 is obligated to play all the GS & Masters. He will be in the main draw of all tournaments with guaranteed air time for sponsors!


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Do you think a brand like Hydrogen would be a perfect fit for Karatsev's impressive physique?
Physique wise, sure.

But I don't think I could see him wearing some of the Hydrogen styles which are generally quite bold.... I mean he had a choice to wear anything and chose brown shorts, think that says it all really :p.