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Why is your favorite player?

Why this thread title is this ?

Frank Parker, French and U.S. Open Champion

A pair from the Sureshs' "Breadsticks 'n Bagels" Harem

Pauline Betz, Wimbledon & U.S. Open Champion:

And when he wasn't "smoking Junior"
Wood pants era without the wood pants, rare photos~!~ And before the peanut gallery shoves it down my throat, yes, I should have included Kournikova in the poll. Honest mistake, everybody makes them. When I was a little boy, I used to skip school loitering around the Kievsky Rail Terminal... [to be continued]
When the city of Atlantis stood serene above the sea,
Long time before our time when the world was free,
Those were the days.

Golden cymbals flying on ocarina sounds,
Before wild Medusa's serpents gave birth to hell
Disguised as heaven....

Tie your painted shoes and dance, blue daylight in your hair,
Overhead a noiseless eagle fans a flame.
Wonder everywhere.

Those were the days, yes they were, those were the days.
Those were their ways, miracles everywhere are they now?
They're gone.
Those were their ways, yes they were, those were their ways.
Those were the days, yes they were, those were the days.

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There is no second guessing whenever there is Safin on a poll. The Russian giant had it all: great tennis (whenever he was switched on) beating 2 of the best ever (Federer/Sampras) to win his two slams, best charisma ever, good looks.....it's sad in today's game there is lacking character such as Safins'.