Why Recreational players carry many rackets

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Eddie G, Apr 11, 2018.

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    Sep 19, 2006
    Tactical ego advantage.
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    Usually I carry more racquets when I am practicing with my friends because we are gearheads and like to play around with different frames. When I play a match I usually have a few racquets with me, including 2 of my "match frame."

    I DID change frames in the middle of a match last weekend for the first time in a long time. We were playing a mixed match indoors on har-tru, a surface I haven't been on in years. I started with a Phantom 100 figuring I would benefit from the control, spin, and large sweet spot on an unfamiliar and slow surface. But by halfway through the match I realized I wasn't having much trouble reading the ball and our opponents were lobbing / pushing everything back, so I switched to the SV98+ to dial up the heat and I was able to finish points much faster. It was a good switch but not something I would usually do.
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    Eddie G

    For some, it is important to have at least 2 of the best preferred racquets from every decade the rec player has played in. In my case,
    you would find woodies, aluminum, etc., from 1960 to today. It's just plain fun to use different racquets let alone different string combinations.

    Also, it is nice to have enough money to indulge myself. I don't share the insurance rebate check with a wife, don't have one a wife that is, and would never buy what ends up owning me cause a women gave up a career as a cocktail waitress.

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    eddie g
    because i can afford to have more than one racquet.
    i have lots of racquets, but currently only using the 2017 PS97s, of which i have two. one has looser strings, so if i cant keep the ball in the court, i will switch to the tighter strung racquet.
    i also carry one more racquet, a 2015 PS97 as a backup for the two
    i use to carry only two racquets, but a long time ago in usta, i broke the strings in both racquets during the warmup and had to borrow a racquet from a teammate. needless to say, it didnt go well, so
    i always carry 3 now.
    perhaps i could get by with one now, as i use poly strings, and i have never broken a string.
    they usually go dead or stretch out so i have to restring them.

    i actually like the saying, "if you look like a pro, perhaps you will play like one!"

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    Why do women have 40+ pairs of shoes?

    Why do I have 8 rackets in my bag? ...I just do. Don't question nature.
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    Mar 31, 2010
    Once, I was playing a match with my Diablo 93. I ALWAYS win matches with the Diablo 93. But that day, I was down 1-4, and it occurred to me, my opponent REALLY has trouble with back spin. I switched to the Blade 93, which created the most underspin of all my rackets. I won the next 5 games and the match in 2 sets.

    There's a reason why certain rackets are in my bag. I need not explain the insanity behind my brilliance.
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