"Why should he stop?" -- Santoro


Hall of Fame
Santoro after being asked "Why does he keep playing?" about Federer.

"When you say that he plays tennis, the most important word is "plays". The pleasure he takes in playing is obvious, and everything about his game revolves around that. He's loved all around the world, he's treated like a rockstar wherever he plays. And he couldn't be happier that he's still playing."

The thing Santoro can't seem to wrap his head around (and McEnroe said exactly the same thing just a few days ago) is Fed's freshness and the pleasure he takes in training, playing, or just being in the locker room. After all the time he spent on the Tour, neither Santoro nor Mac can explain how Fed can still be genuinely happy about the daily grind (which is, obviously, one of the secrets of his incredible longevity).