Why should I buy racquet from TW??

Discussion in 'TW Questions/Comments' started by richstemm, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. richstemm

    richstemm Guest

    For some reason I was under the impression that since TW was an online site then it had to have the lowest prices. I was looking at a Babolat PD for $179, and figured that would be the cheapest I'd find it anywhere. However, it looks like there must be a very small markup (i.e. margin for discount) on racquets...my local store sells it for the same price ($179). So, why wouldn't I buy it locally? TW is a great site, with some great information, and a great demo program. But I really don't have a reason to buy from TW and fail to support my local shop.

    Any thoughts? :)
  2. finchy

    finchy Professional

    Apr 11, 2004
    if you do find any places that sell the pd lower, tw will match their prices, so technically, they do have better prices.

    they have AWESOME customer service and are really quick. IMO, tennis warehouse is the best tennis supplier period.

    not to mention they have very rare racquets on sale like the tour version of the lm radical (i think), the prince original graphite LONGBODY (try finding these around here), and still sell the ps 6.0 95, a thought to be discontinued racquet.

    they also have alot of strings and stuff for really good prices, even though some of the more pricey ones sell for the same almost everywhere else (like vs gut).
  3. perfmode

    perfmode Hall of Fame

    Apr 17, 2004
    If you think TW will drop their price just because you found another PD at MSRP, think again.
  4. bcaz

    bcaz Professional

    Feb 19, 2004
    TW has excellent customer service, a deep inventory, a very wide range of products, and low prices on a lot of the stuff they sell. You may find a lower price elsewhere, here and there, on certain items.

    I am a regular TW customer, but I also believe it's important to support your local tennis industry, wherever you may live, not just retailers, either. We are fortunate in my city to have a couple of excellent tennis retailers. They get some of my business, and TW gets the rest. Depending on where you live, you may be saving considerable sales tax dollars versus paying modest shipping costs when you place a large order online with TW.

    I think it's optimal to do both. I've been a runner for decades, and a tennis player for just six years. I buy lots of running gear from an online supplier for all the reasons mentioned above, but we are also blessed with good local runners' stores and it is critical to support them. They -- like the tennis stores -- support the sport locally. They also personalize their service. Shoes are especially hard to buy online, and you can't "demo" them. I find a model I like, I buy a pair locally, then more pairs online, buy the occasional pair of shorts, tights, socks, etc. locally or online, spread it around a bit. Tennis? Lots of stuff from TW, drop in to the local shop now and then, maybe buy balls, grips, socks, get a string job (do almost all of them myself), rap with the guys, etc. They occasionally have a great deal on a racquet, but to this day I have never bought strings from a retailer. Their prices and selection are far less attractive than TW, and besides, it's kind of a diss, just like bringing your own strings in and telling them to string it for you at cost. Everyone needs to make a living. When you buy paint from Home Depot, do you expect them to come out and paint your house?
  5. Power Game

    Power Game Professional

    Jun 30, 2004
    You don't have to pay stringing labor fees
  6. BreakPoint

    BreakPoint Bionic Poster

    Feb 18, 2004
    Not sure where you got that impression from. Do you do a lot of shopping online and in retail stores? I buy lots of everyday stuff in local discount or outlet stores (e.g., Target, Fry's, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, Reebok Outlet, etc.) or on sale or special in other stores (e.g., Office Depot, Sportsmart, Macy's, etc.) that are cheaper than I can find anywhere online. In fact, I find the sale prices in Macy's stores to be much lower than online at Macys.com.

    With that said, I think TW does indeed have very good prices on a lot of things and their customer service is excellent, and that's why I've been a longtime customer. The reason why you see some of the prices listed for racquets is that the manufacturers dictate that online retailers must only display the MSRP on their site. If they list it for less, they will be in violation of the manufacturer's sales policies and may lose their distributorship or face other penalties. However, TW will match prices lower than MSRP if you can find it for less somewhere else. It's worked for me in the past. :D
  7. LafayetteHitter

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    Sep 14, 2004
    Lafayette, Louisiana
    Your best option is to call them and give them a shot to make you a happy customer. TW customer service is second to none, the shipping is out the door so fast that you better make sure you have your list together before calling to change your order, two times I called back the same day and it was gone already, they are quick. And, I must add unlike most other stores, they are very prompt at getting an order number to you, which allows you to track it through the track order function on the website, a feature I like a lot. And another nice thing about TW is they make a strong effort to bring in the things that we want, something most places will act like they care about and then forget about 10 minutes after you talk to them.

    Props to Tennis Warehouse,

    Scott Durand
  8. Veritas

    Veritas Rookie

    Jul 18, 2004
    You will have to pay more at the pro-shop to get it strung. I also believe that this is the lowest price that T.W. is allowed to advertise it for which is set by Babolat.
  9. richstemm

    richstemm Guest

    Actually the shop is giving me $20 toward strings :p

    My question is this though. One good thing about TW is its probably cheaper for hybrid stringing. If I were to buy two different strings at the shop, could I save the leftovers and string it a second time there? I imagine not, and that's probably a stupid question but I dont know anything about stringing.
  10. rich, did you think of asking the shop? Usually stringing labor is included in a shop's price, so two strings sets = two stringings. If you're willing, the shop should be happy as hell to let you give them an interest-free loan. Otherwise, I'd ask if it would be possible to buy one of the sets less one bring-your-own-string stringing fee.

    A good thing about larger mail orders with TW is the lack of state sales tax unless you live in California? Buy more, save more.

    My local shop told me that they are happy to see me and other TW customers bringing in rackets to get strung for years. I guess they have an understanding of compromise. In the first place, if the shop didn't make itself out to be as good as it has been, then I'd look into obtaining a stringing machine.

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