Why show a crap match like Jen / Serena


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I thought we were going to see a quality match. Hewitt / Fererer?

NBC poor, ESPN is going to show the RodNeck match, wondered why my TV got very bright when they showed Serena, everyone turns theirs off.

I think the Grand slams need competition, not a monopoly! We viewers would like a choice!


As NBC took to the air the comentators remarked that the applause we heard was for Federer and Hewitt who were taking the court. NBC went to commercial, when they came back they started with the intro for Jen vs Serena. I don't think they intended to show Fed vs Hewitt live.

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It's raining, there's nothing happening. Nothing else to show from to-day & eveyone knows who theses 2 are. There are tons of adveritsers on these broadcasts, and they want a wide audience. At least John Mac might make some snide remarks as the play ? progresses.
Program Director job interview at ESPN

Interviewer: "OK, let's say that you had a choice between televising a replay of a 6-1 6-1 blowout involving 'Beauty and the Beast'...er...check that....'Beast and the Beast'; two players whose styles for the most part are pretty much the same, OR......The best player in the world (Roger Federer) vs. a former champion who has a contrasting style to his?

Interviewee: "Dude, eh......no-brainer! I tell my director: "REPLAY the Beastie Boyz Blowout---we're in this for the money with these honeys. Run that replayed match on tape---we've got more important fish to fry than Federer-Hewitt. Now Joe Director, get ol' horsey-face Linda Cohn and 'Mr. I-think-I'm-too-hip-even-for-God' Stuart Scott in here on the double to work on those three separate sympatico fluff pieces featuring that poor, poor misunderstood Kobe Bryant!.......Screw Federer, replay Serena-Jenny!"

Interviewer: "Ni-i-i-ice!!..........Ni-i-i-i-ce!!!! Can you start Monday?"