Why so many empty seats at the French Open? (even during Federer Nadal!!)


As a Federer and Nadal fan I find this strange and almost insulting.

Match from the semi final, the two greatest players of all time, who have taken tennis to unprecedented levels and people want to miss out on this?

What's the issue? People with the tickets don't like tennis? Bad organisation?

Here in the UK, I've gone to watch Federer and Nadal play numerous times and it has always been packed. Maybe the French need to speak to our organisers to how we get it right, perhaps?

Will it also be similarly empty at the final?

I mean if you can't fill seats with Federer and Nadal matches, then what does that say, honestly.

You can't imagine matches like Wimbledon 2007, Wimbledon 2008, Australian 2009 with empty seats so what gives?


As a Federer or Nadal fan? Or will you wear apparel from both?
Well it depends, at the French I would support Nadal, at Wimby I would support Federer.

I supported Federer in WImbledon 2008, I just liked Federer back then and the loss hurt. But then I appreciated what Nadal was over time and I can watch matches like those as a neutral and admire the amazing shot making and speed and quality.