Why would some courts have permanent lines but no nets?


I was looking at places to play and there are a few parks near me that say they have permanent pickleball lines but you have to bring your own net. With tennis I've never heard of a court that didn't have a net. Do they expect you to buy a net that you keep in your car when you want to play?


On the public courts I've seen there are no nets for PB and I've seen players bring their own. At the CC I help at, same thing but we have some nice rolling nets that get pushed to the side when tennis is in session. Another location that has a rec center for ping pong/pool/darts/and more...they have nets they bring out onto the tennis court. This other place with the similar set up brings out nets for use on the basketball courts both indoor and outdoor. Some places have dedicated PB times as to not interfere with other sports

Unless it's going to be a court made solely for PB, expect to bring nets.


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Nets are often stored in a container box outside the courts, usually locked with comby locks so members can access.
Gotta be a member and display simple assembly skills.