Wide shoes for a wide midfoot as well as toebox?


Currently looking for some tennis shoes that offer high support (chronic ankle sprainer in the past) and have a pretty wide fit (4e preferred, but looking to try anything here).

I'm generally a 4e shoe in Brooks for running, if that gives you any indication. I currently wear Barricades with ankle braces 1 size up for tennis, but definitely could do with a slightly wider shoe as they definitely stretched out more than they should have.

I find that most wide tennis shoes (i.e. New Balance) have wide toe boxes only, and the actual midsole isn't wide which causes me to overpronate as my feet push out on the mid foot.

The new Bab Fury 3 looks to have potential, but no where in Australia has in-store stock yet for me to try on.

Any helpers? Seems impossible.
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Babolat SFX3s are roomy all around. They’re not classified as 4E, but might be worth a shot, especially when prices under $100 USD.