Will Berdych finally deliver?

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by joeri888, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. joeri888

    joeri888 G.O.A.T.

    Jan 23, 2008
    I mean, this guy was a hot prospect back in 06. He was 9th in the world I think and made Wimbledon quarters. Do you guys reckon he can crack the top 10 again, and maybe even make a Slam semifinal, final or win it all? Don't say it's too late, because Soderling had kind of the same gameplan (which was pretty nonexistent) and started delivering suddenly a year ago. I wonder what you guys think.
  2. christos_liaskos

    christos_liaskos Professional

    Sep 2, 2006
    Sheffield, England
    Well that's what I had to say about him after watching today's match.

    There is of course a difference though between top8 and winning a slam. A slam semi and a top8 finish wouldn't be too surprising to me I dont think, on current form he is on track for that sort of result. Making a final would be the next progression. Again, on current form he is as capable as anyone, how he would react under pressure in the quarters and semis we would have to wait and see, that would be the real measure of where he is at.To win a slam, well many of us can see he's talented but I dont think anyone could say they weren't atleast a bit surprised if he achieves that.
  3. kishnabe

    kishnabe G.O.A.T.

    Dec 16, 2008
    Davydenko was in red hot form...and people were expecting him to win the Aussie...well it didn't happen, did it?

    SO Berdych is a great talented ballstriker...maybe he could win another masters or reach a few more finals...I don't think he is mentally capable of winning a slam...maybe if he gets lucky like Gaudio and others did...he could win one...but in this era...no way is that gonna happen. Even in his great physical form that he is keeping consistent...it won't last enough or it could buckle down when the stakes get high.

    That why it is so interesting to see tennis...anything can happen...he can pull a soderling in this FO...god knows! If he did...TT will be exploding for 2 weeks full Bird Goatness!
  4. Anaconda

    Anaconda Hall of Fame

    Oct 26, 2009
    ^^^^2004 was the weakest clay court field ever. Henman making the semifinals is enough proof. Coria is overrated. Ferrero was in oblivion wallowing in the depths of hell in 2004, Moya was past it. Nalbandian was in his usual 'choke mode' and Federer lost to Dino-Kuerten. Gaudio out of everyone managed to win the whole thing down to luck. Put him in any othe French Open field and i guarantee you he loses QF at best.
  5. rossi46

    rossi46 Professional

    Aug 29, 2009
    No chance, poor shot selection under pressure and almost non-existent mental strength guarantees he will never win big
  6. davey25

    davey25 Banned

    Oct 5, 2004
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Those Wimbledon quarters were actually the start of his downfall. Many were predicting him to make the final at Wimbledon that year, and he played Nadal in the quarters who he had owned for awhile and who had barely scraped past Youzhny. He went out hard though. He has never been the same since then really.

    NoI dont see the big slam breakthrough you are speaking of. Clay is obviously out of the picture for him. Grass I dont think he is a good enough mover for. That leaves only hard courts. There is just too much depth on hard courts for him to post that kind of showing IMO.

    He has plateaued I believe. Like I said since Wimbledon 07 he has really gone nowhere. His Miami event was just a good touranment, nothing more. Anyway he needed Verdasco and Federer to make 60+ unforced and still choke away chances to close the match out to even get to the semis there, so it wasnt some awe inspiring display.
  7. Li Ching Yuen

    Li Ching Yuen Legend

    Mar 7, 2010
    He can build upon this recent good performances.

    He's improved a lot mentally. And I've noticed that when he double-faulted earlier in his career, now he aces. So, that's another thing thats going the right way.

    Plus he has clutch moments now, something that he didn't have in the past.
  8. Outbeyond

    Outbeyond Legend

    Oct 18, 2009
    New Joisey, USA
    He needs to do more work with his game, get more variety. I still consider him a ball-basher and would need to see him do more at net and midcourt to begin any kind of believing. Let's see how he does on clay.
  9. Mdubb23

    Mdubb23 Hall of Fame

    Aug 26, 2008
    Completing the point with a shoulder-high punch in
    He's got one of the purest backhands I've ever seen. He's definitely got the talent, and I wish him the best of luck.
  10. Slazenger07

    Slazenger07 Banned

    Sep 29, 2009
    Id give him a chance at the U.S. Open, its very hard to go against Federer there though.
  11. egn

    egn Hall of Fame

    Dec 15, 2008
    He said it was luck. Gaudio however was talented and gets trashed a lot for something not his fault. It is not his fault he played a great week of tennis and faced a huge choker in the final someone who might have been a bigger choker than him. However anything can happen, Berdych could get a lucky run..the cards need to lay out right. Berdych needs to play up to his talent level and he can go deep and a few lucky shots and a few bad points by his opponenets and he could win a slam. Thats how Gaudio did it. Just imagine if say at Wimbledon Berdych gets to the quarters and say matches off against oh Nadal. The Berd could give him a run for his money and imagine he pulls it off in a tough 5th set..not unlikely with the form Nadal has been in late he is not at his best and if Berdych gets some momentum in his favor it is possible. So then in the semis Berdych is riding an emotional high and I would say as long as he isn't running into Fed or someone he could win sure this is not guarnteed but picture he takes out perhaps a guy like Roddick then and gets into the finals and then here is the kicker he is up against Andy Murray an Andy Murray who just took out Federer. Murray now has this incredible amount of pressure on him, its his third slam final, he needs to get over that hump, he is in his backyard, he is the 100% favorite after taking out 6 time champ Federer, this becomes HIS MATCH TO LOSE. Berdych on the other hand has never been here before, but nobody is expecting him to be here either, people will not be saying he will win it will be can he win..Berdych will have nothing to lose. Berdych is at a point in his career where being deep in a slam again would be a great feeling. Berdych will also probably come out the door playing bold and risky, he might not get this other chance. Murray will do something similar but the nerves for Murray will be tense..if Murray makes one mistake and Berdych capitalizes on it I would not be suprised at all if Berdych could take it.

    Yes thats a ton of luck, but it was so similar to the Gaudios run and don't discredit Gaudio in any way. You never know what would happen in another era, look at Chang 1989 or Krajicek 96. Great things can happen to a lot of players. Sure Chang became a more consistent force but in no way shape or form was Chang at all expected to win in 1989 and at least Gaudio was playing cause he loved tennis. After he won that match I remember watching him high five every single person in the front row on the bench side. He was the happiest slam winner I have seen in a while. Its nice to see the unexpected guys win it, sometimes I feel like they treasure it a lot more..

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