Will Djokovic or Nadal get the slam win longevity record?

Will Djokovic or Nadal win a slam at 37?

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No. By then someone or a group of players will have gotten it together.


Rosewall has the record with 37y, 1m and 24d. Fed came close to breaking it but failed.

Djokodal seem to be aging better than Fed, i think they have a good chance to go beyond what he achieved.

It really should be 37y 2m 1d since the tournament ended Jan 3, 1972

First chances at this record:

Federer (starting Oct 9, 2018): 2019 AO
Nadal (starting Aug 4, 2023): 2023 USO
DJokovic (starting Jul 22, 2024) 2024 USO
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Current top 3 on the list happened at AO so it looks like AO is more suitable for older players. Maybe Novak will have a chance to break it in 2025.