Will Djokovic take a set off Nadal?

Will he?

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Their last two Slam meetings have been straight set affairs.
Nole is good for a set, and a competitive 2nd set. He'll go down in 4 though. Nadal has other levels he can reach when he needs to. . What you see is kind of what you get with Nole on clay now. Hes going to fight hard for every point but he doesn't have those Zen/GodMode/Cheat Code levels on clay like Nadal


I feel bot feels pressure to win rg while he is still good physically. Every year the chance is less and less.

2019 he won Madrid and reached finals of Rome. He lost in semis in tough conditions in RG.
2020 he won Rome and reached finals of RG. The loss is very disturbing but he was there for the title.
2021 he reached finals of Rome and semis now in RG.

He feels he still has it in him physically to win RG. So he is not looking to take a set but to reach finals beating rafa right now. And I agree. Reaching last rounds consistently means you are good to win the titles. Need a bit of luck maybe.

Sadly rafa does everything better in clay but bot will try to play his best level and win 3 sets. All the best.









Lot will be on stake. H2H record could be leveled. In other words Novak fans won't be able to use that as an argument any more. H2H could even go in Rafa's favour at the end of their careers. I see it like this: if Rafa wins he is probably goat, but if Novak wins he is goat no doubt. In the end, I expect Rafa to win because even when Novak was at his peak he couldn't beat Rafa on clay except in 2015 when Rafa was off. Rafa looked very good and strong so far at this RG and I expect 3:1 win for Rafa. Novak will have energy for one set and that's all. Same like Diego.


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I am always nervous in such matches until the match starts, although Rafa level has made me assured in last 2 rounds where he showed those levels which would be enough for djokovic but it needs to come from start of match and I think nadal will do that. First set is huge in such matches and we expect best quality from both in that


Well this Nadal is showing lots of bad patches in match. Popyrin and Sinner almost took set against him. So I will be surprised if Djokovc doens't get set here. Even further if Djokovic finds his old powerful Forehand and maintains High intensity throughout the match he can beat this Nadal. Diego outplayed Nadal for two sets - we shouldn't forget this.
Doesn't look very likely as Rafa will be super focused. Although Novak can push him potentially to play around 4ish hours. He can do the next gen boys some favour then


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I do think Novak has the game to take advantage of Rafa's lapses and therefore I think he takes a set. Either first or second. He might even get two but I think it'll be Rafa in 4


Novak's only chance is to start the match at peak intensity and stay there the entire match pretty much. He has to continue to serve as well as he has especially in crucial moments and also his groundstrokes have to be working well. In other words to have any chance of winning he needs to be at his peak.

I think he can definitely win a set, but I really think he needs first set to have any chance of winning the match.


If it is one person who knows Nadal's game on clay well, it is Djokovic. If it is one person that can beat, and has beaten Nadal on clay, it is Djokovic.

To the OP, threads like these would not exist, if you were not scared. You are scared of this match up. I can see it in your eyes.


Something is different this time. He is pumped, he said in Belgrade court at winning ceremony that he will gun down FO trophy. If he fails this time when everything seems to be in order, well then no excuses really. But should be at least interesting match, so different from last time.


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For no specific reason I think this match will be so much harder for Nadal than the last years final... I think Nadal will win in 5 sets!!


We are about to witness the Rafa we saw in RG final last year. He knows Djokovic is the only guy good enough to beat him on clay and the only other player who has tasted slam success. He also knows giving Djoko a set will mean giving him a lifeline and djoko is more dangerous when the opposition blinks a little. So he will be on point to crush any dreams of Djokovic winning that means every point will be tightly contested. Everyone was saying the same thing last year but Rafa gave him a bagel in the first set
If it goes to 5, Nadal will NOT win it.

As a Nadal fan, I agree with this. Rafa's best approach is a blitz attack in the same vein as last year where he just goes insane for three sets and stops Djokovic from even getting into the match.

Rafa's highest level on clay is still untouchable but holding that level for 4+ hours if a match goes 5 sets against a mental beast like Djokovic is much easier said than done. Nadal is not the warrior in fifth sets that he used to be, as much as it pains me to say that.

If Djokovic stretches the match out and takes it to five sets, Djokovic probably starts the fifth as favourite.


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You never know with Nadal really, he's an exceptionally confusing phenomenon at RG.

Even when you think you're getting on top he'll find ways to flip the script.
22 winners in the 5th set of the 2013 RG Semi-Final was extraordinary

I would like to see at least a 4 set match, hopefully both players put up a good show.