Will end of season help Nadal???


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Normally Rafa generally speaking finishes season half injured/not in great form...Quite the opposite today with Davis Cup win and week in general.....

I wonder will this help with start of 2020? To be fair he still starts off the season pretty well - I just wonder what effect if any this end of season will have....


That’s pretty odd to my mind. He’s certainly broken his usual pattern. Whether it pays off or quite the contrary remains to be seen. During the last few years except AO he sort of under performed between January and April but was in good shape in time for RG. Let’s wait and see how 2020 unfolds.
I see it as a good thing. He showed a lot of mental toughness coming back from a set down in both his WTF wins. He won another "Davis Cup" playing at an amazing level. This should only give him more confidence going into 2020. And he still has 2 months to get ready for the AO :D


Last time Nadal arrived to AO in form and with a good set up was 2014. The story wasn’t finished back then. Time to end it properly.
Anyone believing in the story about injured Nadal at the end of the season has been played hard for over a decade and a half and the recent years have shown that very clearly. The moment the opposition at the very top was dropping due to age/other issues he was suddenly fresh as a daisy.