Will Fed or Rafa win another slam?

What do you think?

  • Fed wins at least 1 more

    Votes: 3 3.5%
  • Nadal wins at least 1 more

    Votes: 57 66.3%
  • Both Fed and Nadal win at least 1 more

    Votes: 5 5.8%
  • Neither will win; they are done

    Votes: 21 24.4%

  • Total voters


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@fed - I am a huge Federer fan, but realistically, a lot has to come together (at Wimbledon). I am afraid to say it but I think 2022 will be his last year on tour ...

@Nadal - Tough one to predict as he is such a warrior. By that I mean that we all know that Rafa will do everything possible to give himself a shot (at the FO). At the other slams, I think, similiar to Roger, that a lot has to come together. On hard court Zwerev is overdue, Tsitsipas more or less the same, Dani would have been hard to beat even if the Djoker had reached a higher level, so all in all I see those guys having better chances on hard court (and grass as well probably). It will also very much depend on when Rafa will be back on tour. If for some reason he has to skip large parts of the clay court season, the harder it will be. While I am pretty sure that 2022 will be Roger's last year on tour, I am less sure about Rafa but would not be totally surprised.

On Djokovic, even though competition will be even harder, if he finds/keeps his motivation, he will certainly win 2-3 more. Personally, I would be surprised if he was not the one to hold the GS record in the end.