Will Federer send his congratulations to Djokovic after 2022 Wimbledon final?

Will he do it?

  • YES, and he should

    Votes: 14 42.4%
  • YES, but he shouldn't

    Votes: 1 3.0%
  • NO, but he should

    Votes: 8 24.2%
  • NO, and he shouldn't

    Votes: 10 30.3%

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Every other thread is about Fed. Leave the old man alone lol.
I’m sure he’ll say something.


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I am sure he will, even if it is in private.

As much as many want them to hate each other...they have tremendous respect for each other also, Fed will be a class act. I am sure of it.


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Lot of non-Federer fans who are obsessed with him in this place!

What's the deal with it? :unsure:
Federer didn't do it publically, but we saw his and Novak's warm interaction at Wimbledon just recently and it's fairly likely that, at least out of politeness, Roger acknowledged Novak's achievement. He probably sent a private message. Roger is known to communicate with fellow players this way.
If he doesn’t it would be pretty hilarious ngl. He can use some of the salt for boiling some Barilla


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Congrat to djok from sad die hard fed fan

If fed dont congrat djok it means that fed need to learn manners

After all what is the purpose of word sportsman spirit
He'll do it privately. No need to degrade himself with some phoney PR congratulating his rival who has pulled ahead of him in the slam record books.


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Every other thread is about Fed.
Their hatred of Fed far exceeds the obsession they have with Djokovic. The insecurity and jealousy is pathological. Normal and well-adjusted fans would be so happy today because their guy won a slam yesterday, not endlessly dwelling on Roger. Predictably repetitive and strange.