Will Ferrell To Star In New BJK-Bobby Riggs Film


so much has been done on this, especially in an anniversary year last year, but not a scripted film take I believe..until now...check, there was a tv movie, no?...well, now this


I guess Will will play Bobby, no word in there about BJK...I know Will is a big tennis guy....a lot bigger than Bobby I believe, size-wise...but does he have the old-fashioned strokes? :)

you know he can do the blowhard manner

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^^ not particularly. Riggs wore a "Sugar Daddy" outfit to honor one of his sponsors and King was carried in on a throne. The whole thing was played as farce, and it was also believed by many the outcome was Rigg-ed.


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Few things harder than making an entertaining film about an event that was itself seen as farce.

Au contraire, mon frere, this is fraught with angles the King of Parody can use to flambé this subject..."who's your Sugar Daddy" costumes, squealing pigs, the Astrodome venue. He will milk this to the max.

As to the BJK role, fellow SNL alum Tina Fey comes to mind as a great candidate!


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I can even see Ferrell pulling a Peter Sellers stunt with dual roles as Riggs and Howard Cosell. Then we will see a lot of Ron Burgundy-like buffoonery!