Will Murray EVER Win Wimbeldon?


  • Sure he can do it!

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  • No way, Jose'!

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  • Not him, but some other Brit.

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  • Somebody will take Federer's place! Get Ready for another 30 years, Britain!

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Sure he can do it!

He should be playing his best tennis when Federer is nearing the end of his career so if there isn't another Superman then he can do it, absolutely.


I'm thinking he has more chance at the US for some reason. I think he prefers hard courts. Maybe a slam in 2009/10?

Even though i'm british, I still thiknk Djokovic (sp?) will pip him for the first slam.


NO! He has far less results than Gentleman Tim and GT couldn't get it done. He has to show the ability to stay healthy first. Not even here for this one.
I think the pressure will be too great for him to do it at Wimbledon. I would love him to do it, but think that a grand slam in the US is more likely, especially as even he says its is favourite slam.


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I've often wondered about Andy Murray winning a grand slam. I think he has the tenacity though I have wondered about his physical strength. The fact that he has an injured wrist is worrying, but then Nadal was out for a long while while he had an injured ankle - which fortunately seems to be a thing of the past. Maybe Murray will grow beyond injury and show us his true abilities. I think it's too early to tell if he will ever win a slam - Wimbledon or any of the others. Personally, I think Djokavic is the one to watch - and what a pleasure that always it, with his run here in SW19 being particularly good. I spotted Andy Murray very intently watching Djokavic last week. What a match-up they're going to be in years to come.

As was written on the Wimbledon.org website: "Djokovic, whose momentum this year has gathered pace like a downhill racer at the ski resort where his parents run a pizza parlour, is luxuriating in fourth seeding, something he could not have dreamed of a year ago. Today he faces Germany's comeback kid, Nicolas Kiefer, who has been out of action with wrist problems for more than a year (are you listening, Andy Murray?). Kiefer came back at Halle two weeks ago and has pleased himself by winning two rounds. To make it three would be an achievement indeed against one of the hottest items on the men's tour."

The difference between Keifer's wrist and Murray's wrist is 10 years as Keifer turns 30 in two days time.

As for Murray receiving a knighthood should he win Wimbledon, as was suggested elsewhere on this website, LOL. Fanciful conjecture at its best. But thanks for the laugh.


Murray has himself stated that he thinks his best chance is at the US because this is his favourite Grand Slam. He won the juniors there didn't he????


Will Murray EVER Win Wimbeldon?

Geez... you ask the question like he's been trying for 10 years.
The kid is only a kid.

Go buy some perspective.


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Consider his head-to-head encouters with the top 5 players:

#1 Federer: 1-1
#2 Nadal: 0-1
#3 Roddick: 4-2
#4 Djokovic: 0-3
#5 Davydenko: 2-2

He has a better record against Roddick, ties with Federer & Davydenko but never beaten Nadal & Djokovic.

Emm... Probably in 5 years' time or even longer.
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No, he's got a good serve but other than that grass doesn't suit him all that well. I see Gasquet as a much better grass court player and Djokovic better all around. I really don't see Murray winning any slams.


Sure he can, he has the talent, but I don't think so. The English put way to much pressure on all thier star athletes. In all sports.


I think if he ever wins a slam it will be on hard courts. I think he has great potential, but I dont think he wins as many slams as Djokovic or Gasquet.