Will Nadal be undefeated in golden swing?

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Will he?

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  1. Nuke

    Nuke Hall of Fame

    Apr 13, 2005
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    The odds are pretty low that he'll even play all three tournaments. If he wins one, then he pulls out of the next because he needs to rest. If he loses early, then he pulls out because the knees are not ready yet.
  2. RAFA2005RG

    RAFA2005RG Banned

    Jan 28, 2011
    Nadal never turned to drugs when Djokodope outlasted him in 3 straight slam finals. After the 2012 AO final, Nadal simply shortened matches (Nadal dropped a total of one set in the next 3 meetings with Djokovic). When Nadal is challenged, he simply attacks more (2009 he played defensive, and then attacked more in 2010 and won 3 slams, and only played 5-setters at Wimbledon). So while some of the others have increased their capacity to play marathons, Nadal has actually become worse at 5-setters in recent years, and improved his attacking skills.
  3. Towser83

    Towser83 Legend

    May 17, 2011
    Why do you constantly make stuff up? I don't claim djokovic is definitely clean nor do i claim that Nadal is doping. Nothing would surprise me of either of them. I only go on about Nadal doping when hypocrite Nadal fans like you say it about djokovic because they both have suspicions surrounding them. you got bent out of shape for ages, til you finally conceded that he probably has doped too. but for ages you acted like he was clean.

    As far as djokovic goes i only think that if he is doping, it began before 2011. You don't though and again what this means is prior to 2011 djokovic was a clean player competing against dopers like Nadal who had a massive unfair advantage. as soon as they both dope and had a level playing field, djokovic dominates. so Novak was robbed for years by Nadal doping, yeah? That's what you're saying.
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  4. Clarky21

    Clarky21 Banned

    Apr 9, 2011
    I did? I seem to recall saying many times that I think all of the top players dope, and that would include Nadal.

    Well maybe he was doping prior to 2011, but he really amped it up to ridiculous levels in 2011. His turn around physically is far too drastic to be believed.

    And you still said you think Nadal is so full of peds that his DNA has changed. You also said you think this injury break was so he could get clean. You've got no room to talk when it comes to accusing players of doping.
  5. Towser83

    Towser83 Legend

    May 17, 2011
    you only recently decided that all players were doping. and if all players are doping then djokovic winning isn't to do with doping, its because he's the best player. if everyone is doping then its a level playing field. in which case why constantly whine that djokovic is on peds like this gives him an unfair advantage? Its just cry baby stuff cos you don't like him. everyone doping is as fair as if everyone is clean. but you have to act like he has soneone's unfair advantage. and calling him lance as if he's the only doper but ypu're say everyone does it.

    And no. no no no. about 100 times i said if djokovic doped it as before 2011 and you laughed in my face about it. now i point out that that means he was at a massive disadvantage to guys like Nadal for several years and otherwise would have been the top player far sooner, and guess what? You suddenly agree that he didn't start in 2011. You painted yourself into a corner, there's no escaping.

    And i have only ever said stuff about Nadal doping as obvious counter tolling. its impossible for soneone's dna to be permanently altered.I guess sometimes no matter how ridiculous you make your post, some people will think you're serious. my honest opinion is i have no idea if Nadal or anyone else dopes. there are suspicions surrounding him, djokovic and others but we don't know so we shouldn't accuse. but if a Nadal fan comes out with crap about djokovic then i will give them the same treatment about Nadal since he is equally dodgy. I don't get what part you don't understand about this since you play the tit for tat game a lot. difference is i don't claim for a fact anyone is doping. I'm just responding in kind. when Nadal has been accused by French media/players i've stuck up for him since its innocent until proven guilty.
  6. tudwell

    tudwell Hall of Fame

    Jul 3, 2007
    Clarky's MO is to attempt to "anti-jynx" every one of Nadal's matches by declaring he will lose meekly even in the first round of a laughably weak 250 event.
  7. bullfan

    bullfan Legend

    Sep 19, 2011
    Almagro choked when playing Ferrer, who he's never beaten and should have during the AO. He has a mental problem against other Spanish players in particular. He also should have closed out the Davis Cup for Spain and choked big time.
  8. veroniquem

    veroniquem Bionic Poster

    Jan 27, 2008
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    Still undefeated :)
  9. Steve0904

    Steve0904 G.O.A.T.

    Oct 13, 2012
    Which has nothing to do with how Almagro matches up with Nadal. He actually gives Nadal tougher matches than most on the red stuff. They've all been straights I think, but he has put up respectable scorelines, with at least 1 set being a TB the last few years or so.

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