Will Nadal get credit for completing the GRAND SLAM after winning the U.S Open?

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I cant even believe how annoyed i am about your idiotic posts Nadalgirl.

I guarentee you that NADAL will NOT win the french open.

He will NOT win Wimbledon, if he gets past the 4th round, I'd be impressed. Hes not even going to make it to quarters.

He will not win the US either.

I really could care less about your stupid points to back up Nadal, since they are all rediculous.

Since then Federer has never beaten Nadal, he simply cant do it. He cant do it now, and Nadal is so young and has miles of improvement let, and Federer is done improving already, and Federer cant even beat him now

Federer is done improving? You really are stupid. He's clearly improving, as you said Nadal has beaten Fed time and time again in 4 sets. Then how come fed can fight 5 sets on Nadal's best surface by far and take the match to a 5th set tiebreaker and had 2 match points? Yeah thats what i thought, your wrong.

Nadal has miles of improvement? His conditioning is at its peak, if anything it'll decrease. Sure, he can work on mechanics and his backhand, though sooner or later hes going to rip his arm out of his socket from his rediculously ugly and spaztastic forehands.

okay nadal girl, if you'd like, i'll bet you 10,000 dollars that nadal DOESN'T win the next three slams, and i'm good for the money, honest.
I'd bet 10000 dollars that Nadal wont win the French this year also, i really dont want to hear what people have to say about Nadal's greatness, he will not win the french open this year.

Federer wins events when Nadal suffers his fluke losses to people he only loses to 1 each person. He will stop having those since that is the only thing preventing him from being the one 2000 points ahead of Federer in the rankings.
Fluke losses? you know why he has fluke losses? ITS CAUSE HES NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Does fed have fluke losses? Even when hes off his game, he fights to the bitter end, dragging it out to a close 4th or 5th set when he loses, and he doesnt lose to people he definately should beat.

Federer plays from the baseline mostly even on grass and Nadal is too powerful and strong from the baseline for Federer, so if he tries to stay back with him Nadal wins. Federer will stay back with him even on grass so Federer has no chance. If Federer tries to come to net when they play on grass, Nadal passes better then anybody and Federer does not volley well enough to cope with Nadals passing shots. Nadal also can come to net and outvolley Federer if he wants to.
Once, again your an idiot. simple as that.

Federer will dominate Nadal on grass, if they ever meet in wimbledon, which they wont since Nadal will get dominated on grass, Fed would crush him like a bug.

OUTVOLLEY Federer!? are you insane?! Fed's volleys are like 1908657192847x better than Nadal's.

To close out this rant, ill go with.

Nadalgirl, you are an idiot. Nadal will not win the French, Wimbledon or the US this year. His volleys suck, his gameplay sucks, his spirit is good, but he still sucks.

I dont mean to offend Nadal, hes a great player and all, but hes Not even 1/2 of what your think he is.

We'll see in a few days how awesome nadal really is. He is not going to win the French.

*end rant*


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To the Original Poster:

I was in the university library working on a thesis when I read your post. Laughed so hard I am now banned from the library. Gee, thanks.


grizzly4life said:
i think you guys are a little rough on the original poster....
This topic is either the most most blatant trolling, the most blatant ignorance, or the most blatant stupidity of tennis I've ever encountered. since nadalgirl is probably never gonna give this up, I hope we all realize that the best solution is to ignore this nonsense.
nadalgirl26 said:
dennis10is, if you are telling the truth you should become pro. You might be the only guy to give Nadal a run for his money. Since I love watching my Nadal win everything though, I am a bit glad you arent pro since it allows him to win every event this year. Maybe you are just joking though.
Be glad that I've decided to concentrate on real sports such as bowling and dart. I did have a chance to play Nadal and Federer, they asked me separately mind you, if I would play them left handed because there is a shortage of top class lefties on the tour. So I obliged, they knew that they could never beat me if I were to play with my right hand but I still won in tough 3 or 5 setters. With my left hand, I'm rather predictable, 140 flat down the middle, 115 kicker/slice out wide. These two are quick and they get use to my service game. So, I have to rely on my superior footspeed to beat them. Nadal is stronger than me but I'm faster than him. Federer has more variety than me but I quicker than him to take a short ball early and punish it.

With my right hand I just simply beat them with superior pace and precision. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging too much so I'll stop there.

I have to do my rounds now. You'll be surprised how many people try to break into a Walmart after hours.


The thread starter's posts are utterly over the top. Nadal is a very good player but he has a long road ahead of him before he can be considered as a true all-court player, let alone one who completes a grand slam.

That said, in typical TW style, it's funny to see how some of you guys jump on this with a couple of stupid arguments of your own, spiced up with a few insults here and there. Entertaining stuff.

Trolls keep coming to this place because it works.


The list of nominations for that title is long enough not to give that award lightly, don't you think, Rickson?

I don't believe for one second - teenie girl fan or not - that anybody who knows Nadal's game (as good as he is, you can't seriously see him winning a grand slam in the near future, can you?) would write this stuff and actually mean it.

Nope, this is just a troll IMO and somebody out there is getting a kick out of reading those reactions (honestly, some of the reactions are as over-the-top as the ones of the thread starter).

The reason why so many trolls come here is because it WORKS. It's very rewarding to be a troll in TW land, I should think.


WTF ARE YOU ON ABOUT? Nadal will never win wimbledon or us open let alone play federer in them because he won't make it that far ever.


Duzza said:
WTF ARE YOU ON ABOUT? Nadal will never win wimbledon or us open let alone play federer in them because he won't make it that far ever. Federer should have beaten nadal at Rome anyways. Nadal is never going to get any credit

PS: youre stupid
How do you know that!!!

Tennis is a game and anyone if they put their minds to it, believe in themselves and practise can win so stop putting blocks where blocks can't be put.

Why are you calling ppl names with your lame ass playground 5 year old bully tactics, can't someone disagree with u or have a different opinion you grow up and have some flipping respect.

Gosh... sometimes you ppl are just so rude

pound cat

God I did not know this was a forum of Federer-fanatic trolls. I am very dissapointed. While the rest of you are bitter though the rest of the World will celebrate a truly great Champion-Nadal when Nadal wins the next 3 slams rather then a washed up has been-Federer.[/QUOTE]

Are you Rafa's mother or something?

Yes, he's a good boy. And yes, the enitre world, including third World countries, and even CANADA, will celebrate his great accomplishment.


ok well i take back what i said that he will never be great. But looking at wimbledon, nadal doesn't have the goods to beat federer on grass.


i'm actually neither. I enjoy both their games but i just think that Nadal will never win wimbledon or us open. just my opinion you don't have to take your anger out on me


Now that much better, yes fed is a better grass court player and rafa at the moment can't find head nor tales on grass. Like i said before you can never tell what is going to happen nothing is ever really certain even when it is plain to see. Fed though is the man to beat on grass no doubt about that and fed has chieved so much no disputes that but rafa shouldn't be sidelined he has be recognized by the tennis world, tennis wise he is doing just as well as fed both have 2 master series this year and both have good win loss records for this year. Yes the season has plenty to go but so far rafa and rog are doing very well... coming up to the grass court season i expect rafa to make a go of it and get better i dont expect him to win queens but progress is what rafa is after.

Thank you Duzza


nadalgirl26 said:
Nadal gets behind in some matches matches, but he always wins them. If a player has match points but cant beat him it just proves they cant cope with his heart and fighting spirit to win the match. Federer obviously cant cope with Nadals heart and fighting spirit to beat him, just like the other top players cant beat Nadal. It is just the way it is.

He will win the next 3 slams, that is not the question. Your answer superman1 is not what I was looking for since he wont have won the Australian Open yet as you say. Unless you mean he will add the Australian Open in January for his 4th straight slam as well? I dont want to talk past this years September U.S Open, since 8 months from now is enough time for things to maybe change and somebody else to have a chance to win a slam. That would give him the non-caldender GRAND SLAM though right?
Bet all your money, your house on that Nadal will win? IF you are so sure.. i dont think you are serious:) or perhaps you just really stupid. You've probably seen Nadal at Monte Carlo and Roma and now you think he owns everything - wrong.


nadalgirl26 said:
I am not joking, Nadal is certainly going to win the remaining three slams. Are you honestly saying you think he wont? There is nobody who can beat him now. He wont lose in an early round like he did at Wimbledon and the U.S Open last year, and the top players cant beat him. Federer cant do it, Hewitt cant do it, Roddick cant do it. There is no question that he will win the remaining three slams, the questions are:

1)Will he get credit for doing it since he would have won the Australian Open but had to miss it due to injury, costing him the GRAND SLAM this year.

2)If he does not get credit will he get another chance to do it in the future, or will too many good players emerge that can beat him to keep him from doing it.
Oh man i never laughed so hard!!! Nadal winning wimbledon:p .... I don't think so, i doubt he'll win the us open either and as for rolland garros i wouldn't b 2 sure either assuming he makes the final and fed does the same it is no forgone conclusion.... Oh man nadal winning wimbledon, priceless:cool:
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