Will or should Rafa play WTF?

Will or should Rafa play WTF?

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Omg, again. How can he win the tournament if he doesn't even PLAY IT? He skipped it in 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, and arrived while being in terrible form in 2009 and 2011. Leave alone the fact that in the years where he came to the tournament in decent form (2010, 2013, 2015) he had to face Federer and Djokovic who were in their best forms. Do you really think Nadal wouldn't have won it at least once if he played it every year? Of course he would, for example in 2017. If he really wanted to win it then he would do it. But he just keeps skipping it, he doesn't really care. I remember in 2008 he actually said Davis Cup final is more important to him. (though at the end he had to skip it as well). Can you imagine him saying something like this about a slam? Yes, he cares about winning WTF much less than haters want to believe he does. It's just that he has 19 slams now, so haters have to find all reasons in the world to bring him down.

I'm 99% sure he will skip it again this year (for the sixth time just in this decade). And this is not going to be a huge hole in his legacy. The real big hole is that he won only 1 AO title in his career.
Looks like you will be wrong again, Newcomer. Rafa is posting pictures of him training and he seems ready.

You are an embarrassment at this point with your predictions.


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Djokovic has a mental edge over Federer and Rafa (except for on clay, where Rafa has won their last 3 meetings).
Anyway, it makes no difference, because Djokovic is well behind them in the slam race, and Rafa has a 2-1 record vs. Djokovic at the US Open.
Djokovic has never had a winning record over Rafa at the US Open, despite regularly having the 'mental edge'.
So what can Djokovic do in 2020? Not much, because Rafa has the edge at Roland Garros and US Open.

Djokovic wants nothing to do with Rafa in the Final, because it will mean Rafa has wrapped up the year-end-#1.
And Rafa can make sure they only meet in the Final, because Rafa plays on the last day of Round Robin and can choose his SF opponent :)
I doubt Djokovic is good enough to beat Medvedev in a SF anyway, so the Final will probably be Rafa vs. Medvedev.....or Federer vs. Medvedev.
Thiem is good enough to qualify for the SF too.
Too many wrong things in this post... Read again about all possible combinations and possibilities of who will be year end no1...
No, but if they see it, they will say, "oh, you don't have a WTF do you?" :sneaky:
Fair enough, very fair.

I gots a riddle for you. What do Zverev, Dimitrov, Davydenko, and Nalbandian have in common?

They all have a restraining order to stay away from any femul because they run around wearing only socks and no suit.