Will Pacific X Force Pro No. 1 Fit classic Fischer Frames?


Just saw the new Pacific review, great work guys.
Wondering when grommets will come in stock and if they will fit older versions of the classic fischer frame like the Pro1 No 1 98 (Kafelnikov) and M Pro No.1 98?

I remember some of the older pacific 98 ones did but TW ran out of stock pretty quickly...


Yes. They are exactly the same. I've replaced them on the X Force Lite using the grommets listed for the X Force/X Force Pro. The X Force Lite (orange one) is based on the same mold as the new X Force Pro No 1, which is supposedly the exact same as the older VT Pro 98 (hence the '252' moniker).

In case you missed it...

Pacific said:
PACIFIC Tennis – Continuing a Tour Tradition – (re)Introducing:

PACIFIC X Force PRO No.1 # 252

There are a few select racket designs that have remained a performance standard among the worlds-best-tennis-players. These unique designs have withstood the test of time and remain the most sought after rackets on the Tour.

As new technologies & designs come & go, some of which do establish a new version of performance that benefits many of today’s players, there also remains a strong demand by top-players for the consistent ‘feel’ and unmatched precision that can only be achieved by first building upon a Legendary Classic’s original design.

Using slight technology improvements available today, incorporated into what is commonly referred to as a: ‘Legend’, bring together the best of yesterday & today.

Long regarded as one of these unique rackets in the original Fischer PRO N0.1 - still found today being used today by numerous top-players.

Enter now, the X Force PRO No.1 #252.
The tradition and success of the “252” mold speaks for itself. From Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Lukas Dlouhy, Marcos Baghdatis, to many, many others – without a doubt, the ‘252’ mold was the #1 most requested/used racket of any/all Fischer Tour Players!

PACIFIC respecting the tradition, heritage, and unique performance of the ‘252’ mold, has successfully brought it back to life with updating this masterpiece by adding BX2.

The new X Force PRO No.1 # 252 remains unchanged in the geometry and technical construction of the original version – new updates for today’s game are with a stronger/faster & updated material addition (BX2) more precise handle system and overall more consisted (‘tighter’) specifications in the manufacturing process.

We have NOT changed a ‘Legend’ – we HAVE made it better!

from http://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/inde...pacific-pro-frames.525231/page-4#post-9185945
I have little doubt that the Pro No 1, in whatever name, branding or paint-job, will live on long after I have gone on to visit my ancestors. And, yeah, the bumper & grommet sets will still fit even then. It epitomizes the often misused and overused word "classic".
I'll drink a white russian to that!

Racquet companies need to honor the fact that some racquets are simply "classics" and should be reissued from time to time.