Will Roddick fire his coach


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Last year he had similar back to back loses and fired his coach. Maybe he should do it again, seems to be losing ground.


No way will he fire Brad Gilbert, he has helped him more than anyone could. He is introducing the volley and will get it right soon and be a better player.

He would be a fool to fire Gilbert.



. He is introducing the volley and will get it right soon and be a better player.

He would be a fool to fire Gilbert.

Are you blind? Did you not seen his volley? And buy the way get off of using the red color, it is not as cool as you think. Please, i am not rying to be mean, it is just hard to see...


Well, he looked to really be volleying quite well, if you ask me...volleying on clay takes balls to start with, but he did it rather well. The kicker out wide + volley works really well...imagine how effective it'll be on grass and hard courts!
The volleys, averaging the good and bad ones, were ok. He won't fire his coach cuz he didn't lose in the first round this time. *wink*


Why would he fire Gilbert? Gilbert has obviously helped Roddick raise the level of his game significantly. Roddick is just not a good dirt baller now and maybe he never will be. Don't forget how many FO's Sampras won.


Roddick requires scapegoats for his own severely limited game, so that is strike one for Gilbert.
Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy- Brad is the biggest tennis con artist since Ion Tiriac
Roddick will likely go back to Benabiles after flame-outs at Wimbledon and the US Open. He's used to him


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I wouldn't describe Roddick's game as "severly limited"...I don't think Gilbert is in danger of being fired.


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Do the Spanish players consider firing their coaches after a poor grasscourt season? :wink: That's assuming they actually played said grasscourt season. When was the last time Moya played on grass (discounting the Davis Cup final last year)? 2000 or 2001? He goes on vacation then, and may do so again, if he goes deep in the RG draw.

But to be fair to Brad, Andy's results this year are nowhere near as bad as they were at this point last year. Since Brad came on board a year ago, Andy, who had won no Masters events at that point, has won 3 Masters events, plus a Slam event. And he also picked up a few other titles along the way, including Queen's.

So I think his job is safe for the mo. :wink:


Semis at the Australian and first round loss at French beats this year's major results. Roddick's meltdown was shocking, at least he competed last year.


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I don't know. He reached the quarters in Australia, and the second round at the French. And has two titles, including TMS Miami under his belt. At this time last year, he only had the St. Poelten title, and really struggled between the Aus Open and Roland Garros.

If he was a claycourt specialist, I'm sure he'd be more concerned. But I'm sure he's looking ahead.
Benabiles drove him from nowhere to the top ten, don't forget about that. Maybe it is the hardest part of the job. It is like the father influence on his child, at this step to become mentally stronger Roddick had to break with Tarik (it is always the same story, Coria with Mancini, Agassi with Bollitieri...).
The day he won't need Gilbert that will mean he's at his best, like FED did with Ljunberg. Then he would find a great sparing, like Agassi did with Cahill. That's just the way it is baby...

But IMO, people who think Roddick can make a better season that one he did last year are blind or surrealistic.