Will Venus rise to the occasion?

Andy Zarzuela

Well, Justine is out and so is Serena. So this opens up the draw for her; although I know if she gets confident enough she can easily beat Justine. And if she made it to the final, she won't have to face the pressure of playing Serena (Venus doesn't take it as well as Serena does emotionally when they play each other). Venus has improved her 2nd serve since Miami, she hit a 107 mph 2nd serve, so yes she's been working on it significantly. I hope to see a Lindsay/Venus final. But Venus will have to pass the test of beating Zvonareva in the next round, if she can beat her (which I know she probably will) then, she'll have the essentials to go all the way and be a constant threat to the WTA tour once again. Who knows, maybe she'll get her much-deserve 5th Grand Slam title, which she hasn't been able to add that 5th one in 5 trys. VENUS ALL THE WAY!
Coach Purses
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