Williams/Capriati (spoiler)

Any one watch this one? I'm at work and just checked the trailer on the Wimbledon web site. 1 and 1 in less than one hour! Usually they go 3 sets. Wonder if Serena was great or was JenCap off?
Uh, ok. Didn't quite expect that to happen... BUT THIS ROCKS, WE GET MORE MEN'S TENNIS SOONER! NOW WHEN ESPN SHOWS SERENA, IT'LL ONLY BE FOR 45 MINUTES!! Sweet... This looks worriesome for my gal Maria though, cause Serena's built like a tank. I LOVE YOU MARIA!
I don't think ESPN can show the Serena match. That's why they're showing the Mauresmo match right now, most likely because NBC won't let them.
well, you know, according to the, you know, interview on the you know, official Wimbledon site, Jen says, you know, that Serena just played so well, you know, that she didn't, you know have a, you know, chance, I mean.