Williams sisters config: big headsize compared high tension


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Hello guys!

I do not understand the reason about Williams sisters configuration. Blade 104 around 66 lbs (30kg) A big headsize racquet delivers much higher power and worser control. High tension gives lower power and better control. What can give this config, which better than a smaller, 98-100 sqin headsize racquet on 55-58 lbs?



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Like everything, I’d guess it comes down to what they’re used to and what they prefer. The knee-jerk reply is “they’re doing just fine with that set-up” given their accomplishments.

I would think that Wilson has worked with them extensively with new frames/strings/tensions over the years but of course I don’t know firsthand. It took them quite a while to even add poly as a hybrid.


I have a POG 107 that I string at 62 lbs gut main and 55lb poly crosses. The bigger the frame size the the higher tension you need the mains to be to keep control of the sweet spot. IN my 93P I have the Gut at 50lbs and the poly at 42 lbs. Both rackets have similar power levels for me. Frame size and stiffness make a huge difference on what string tensions you need.

It was my understanding that Serena used Gut/4G hybrid and I suspect the gut is 66lbs but the 4G is in the 50's to give a more uniform feeling string bed. Her racket is also extended length so its a high SW. With that SW she will need to get some control from the strings.


Actually they have moved to a smaller headsize.

Their father had them play with the most powerful frames in the line,Profile 110 and other companies oversized widebodies, when they were young.
His reasoning is as you learn to control a powerful frame as a kid you will be able to control the power growth brings.
They won their early major championships using Hammer 110s until switching to the 1st generation Blade 104 when they were released. Gut poly was the most recent equipment change.


I think they used even higher tension when they used all gut. You can search but I think they strung all gut in the 104 blade around 75 lbs but Sampras strung all gut in his 85 around 70-75 lbs too. I believe Serena drop around 10 lbs to 65 when she went to gut/lux lg hybrid.

I think op has a point in that using a racket in the 98-100 head size range with lower tension is an option vs larger head 104-110 with higher tension. Personally I like 98-100 head size range with lower tensions.

Both Williams sisters use big SW and relatively light static weight too. I think the big SW helps them with power and to control fast incoming balls. I've seen post that put Serena and Venus around 370 SW. I don't recommend average rec players needs or can handle 370 SW but many stock rackets are too low on SW.


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Yea, but they were hardly the only WTA Players with successful careers using larger frames during the early years. It's just that Venus and Serena have stuck around where all those players are now retired.
Going from The "W" line racquets which were 113 and 111, I think.. the 104 is a drastic change.
Have you hit with the Blade 104. I hit with the Amplifeel version and I still felt like the Extreme 100 MP had a bigger sweetspot.


Yes Amplifeel were a regression in the line IMHO.
Extremes are modified wide bodies, Blades are box beam frames, really aimed at different market segments, such as Beast vs Tour in Prince's line


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Oh, I didn't know that. I know that I also hit with the TexTreme 107 and couldn't find the sweetspot to save my live. The PD 107 is a beautiful racquet I no longer own. I almost felt like I was cheating with the shots I was able to get back. It was a task to not find the sweetspot with that.