Williams sisters ready to rule the game again

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by robin7, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. robin7

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    Jun 25, 2007
    NOT all that long ago, the run-up to any Grand Slam tournament would be filled with talk about whether Venus and Serena Williams would meet in yet another all-Williams final.

    It was pretty much a given that at least one Williams, if not both, would be out there on court for the championship match, smacking speedy serves, swatting powerful groundstrokes and racing along the baseline to reach seemingly unreachable balls.

    During a seven-Slam stretch from Wimbledon in 2001 to the Australian Open in 2003, one Williams or the other won every title. And a Williams was the runner-up at five of those majors.

    Don’t look now, but those days could be back.

    The way Venus won Wimbledon on Saturday, and the way Serena won the Australian Open in January, sends quite a message to the rest of women’s tennis – one that the older sibling succinctly put into words.

    “My sixth Slam,” Venus said, smiling. “I want some more.”

    Her six major titles are tied for second-most among active players. The leader? Her sister, of course, with eight.

    “When it comes to Wimbledon, I do have more,” Venus said, noting her 4-2 edge on Serena at the All England Club.

    Venus is now 27, Serena 25, and they were the oldest of the Wimbledon quarter-finalists this year, a group that included three teenagers. Still, there’s something to be said for experience in tight matches on the sport’s biggest stages, and no one has as much as the Williams clan.

    Another factor that could work in their favour as the years progress: Neither has as much wear-and-tear as most players their age do.

    There are several reasons. One is that their father and coach, Richard Williams, didn’t let them compete a lot when they were kids, limiting them to a tournament or two per season when they were in their early teens.

    Even once they were established on the pro circuit, the sisters gained a reputation for picking and choosing which tournaments to enter, something that rankled some other players. And in recent years, both have missed months at a time with various injuries.

    All of that time away from the tour in recent times is what dropped both sisters way down in the rankings, nowhere near the No 1 spot each once held. Serena tumbled out of the top 100, and was at No 81 entering this year’s Australian Open.

    Venus was at No 31 before Wimbledon and became the tournament’s lowest-ranked champion with her 6-4, 6-1 victory over Marion Bartoli in the final.

    When the new rankings are issued today, Venus will rise to No 17, her first time in the Top 20 in exactly a year. Serena Williams will move up to No 7.

    As players like Maria Sharapova, Svetlana Kuznetsova and Ana Ivanovic – all among the top five as today, all losers to Venus at this Wimbledon – can attest, the rankings are still somewhat misleading.

    So no matter what the computer spits out in late August, don’t be surprised if there’s at least one Williams playing when the US Open final comes around.

    “Growing up, we dreamed of that, of us being on top of women’s tennis, of playing Slam finals, being (ranked) 1 and 2. That’s what we worked for,” Venus said. “So when that happens, it’s incredible. It’s amazing. For us, there’s no doubt that we can achieve these things.”
  2. JLyon

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    Jan 27, 2007
    If Serena and Venus put in the work they will be back at the top of the WTA again until they choose to quit or retire. The only player anywhere close to their level right now is Henin, so expect so Williams dominance as long as the injury bug stays away.
  3. tennisrules531

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    Jun 10, 2007
    Look out for the Williams sisters!!! :D


    Apr 6, 2007
    I just hope they remain healthy and focused on the their tennis commitments, I think with the right amount of match play+being healthy they will be able to dominate.
  5. Big Fed

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    Jul 10, 2006
    Lansing, Michigan
    Williams are the best doubles team EVER!
  6. robin7

    robin7 Hall of Fame

    Jun 25, 2007
    I want to see them playing in the finals & winning Grand Slams again.
  7. robin7

    robin7 Hall of Fame

    Jun 25, 2007
    They just did in the Wimbledon.
  8. mentalcase

    mentalcase Semi-Pro

    Dec 12, 2006
    All I can say is good for them. I never thought they would outlast Hingis, Clijsters and Henin...lol

    They caught the tail end of Graf/Seles generation, played through their generation and might now domintate Sharapovas generation. So they must be doing something right.
  9. grafrules

    grafrules Banned

    Aug 25, 2007
    It is laughable to think they will ever dominate again. They havent dominated womens tennis in over 5 years now, and they are 28 and almost 27 now respectably. They both reached the Wimbledon final since all the other top women both lost early and except for Sharapova are most uncomfortable on grass.

    Venus is basically a 1-event wonder these days, Wimbledon. This is her 3rd Wimbledon title in the last 4 year stretch (2005-2008 ) but she has not been in a slam final anywhere else since the 2003 Australian Open. Odds are good she never makes it past the 3rd round of the French ever again (forget about her ever doing anything on clay again, she is done on that surface) and never past the quarters of Australia again. She has a chance at the U.S Open where she sometimes does well but still hasnt been in a final there since 2002, and as she gets older it only gets harder.

    Serena's only slam titles since 2003 have been a couple Aussie Opens and Wimbledon is the only place she has even been past the quarters since then. She has done nothing much at the French and U.S Open for awhile now, and she clearly isnt putting the work into her conditioning to be close to dominant force she once was.

    The truth is right now there is no dominant player and there wont be for awhile. Jankovic, Ivanovic, Sharapova, the other Russians, are not good enough to dominate. The Williams are no longer good enough or commited enough to dominate, although at one point very long ago they were. Henin may have been good enough to dominate if she stayed and got her game and head back together, but she is gone now. So womens tennis will be very open among 5 to 6 players for awhile, until a more talented young player comes along who has the potential to dominate.
  10. sureshs

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    Oct 1, 2005
    After criticizing the Williams for not taking the game seriously, Chris Evert now said after Wimbledon that maybe the Williams sisters got it right - keep outside interests and balance life with work, which Henin did not.
  11. boredone3456

    boredone3456 Legend

    Jun 25, 2007
    Completely agree. No woman is anywhere close, and this past Wimbledon proved it with all the top 3 out in the first week. Sharapova is to inconsitant, as are the williams. Ana is working on it, but won't get there yet, Jelena needs to stop playing so much and get fully healthy in order for her to get there, Svetlana needs to get her head together, and the rest are in no position either. Womens tennis is in a state of flux, sorta like it was when steffi retired and Hingis was struggling with her foot and ankle injuries before the williams began to make consistant deep runs at the majors. Give it a few years, and if Ana, Jelena, and I would say Agnieska, Azarenka, and Safina, work hard and get their games together, they could really dominate the game. The Williams are on the outer fringe looking in, and until Serena starts getting past the quarters again consistantly, and Venus starts going good at big places besides Wimbledon, I wouldn't even think to say they are gonna dominate again.
  12. boringmember

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    Jun 29, 2008
    I hope they can stay healthy - it would be great to see them shake up the women's tour.

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