Wilson Avenger Graphite Composite Midsize


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Does anyone know anything about this racquet ? I picked it up for $3 at a charity shop. It was in a Wilson Pro Staff cover. I thought I had maybe hit on a find of the month if it contained a St Vincent 6.0 but it contained this Avenger. Pretty similar to the Sampras PS in feel (I have a mint version of this so could compare). But it could just be a Walmart special? It says Midsize and Graphite Composite on it. There's a butt cap code GSS.



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It's a pretty old stick and this is all I can find about it:



I've posted some info on these types of rqt and the rqts Wilson produced at the time from the same mould. Outline below is a precis of the posts I've made:-

"Wilson produced a range of frame using the now familiar ProStaff mould, but with different compositions. The PS85 is 80 graphite/20 kevlar, the staff was 100%graphite, the Aggressor was 80 graphite/20 fibreglass and the Avenger was 50 graphite/50 fiberglass. As for the col of the rqts, the PS is black with red/yello stripes that stop part of the way down the side(faceside) of the frame, the staff (in the UK was grey with red/yellow stripes that run all the way down the side to the throat and back halfway up the other side, the aggressor was black with the the same stripes as the staff and the avenger was white with green & blue stripes the running the same as the staff/aggressor. These rqts were around in 1985/86.

They were all players rqts, although the cheapest was the Avenger, then the Aggressor, then Staff and finally the PS85. I used the Staff and like it then.

Here in the UK the prices for the 4 rqts were something like - PS85 £130; Staff £100; Aggressor £80 and Avenger £60. These were the prices around 1985-87.

Obviously the PS85 is one of the greatest frames. The others were bad either, although It dont think the Avenger was that great. Around the clubs I played at back then, the choice of rqt was the Aggressor because i) it was cheaper than the PS85 and ii) it looked like it."

It looks like the aggressor you have is likely to be the same as I've mentioned above only with a later paint design.

Hope this helps.

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