Wilson Clash 100 Tour (2) For Sale

Mike Lusty

New User
Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Wilson Clash 100 Tour
Grip Size / Size: 4 1/8
Quantity: 2
Head Size (if a racquet): 100
Condition (x out of 10): 9 out of 10
*Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Approximately 16 hours between the two racquets
*General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): In good shape. One racquet has two "pencil head" sized chips and the other racquet has one. Both are strung with poly mains and multifilament crosses at 44lbs.
Price: $160 per racquet or $300 for both
Payment: PayPal or Venmo
Shipping: US Included
Seller's Contact Info: If there is interest, please email me at mjlusty7@gmail.com for pictures.