Wilson DNA backpack size?


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Hi. I asked my wife to buy a Head Djokovic backpack.
When she got home, I'm so excited only to find out that it is small. I have only seen the bag here and I thought the size is great.

My previous backpack is old head tour team. The size(It looks small in the picture below because of the angle) perfect for me. Unfortunately, it already faded badly.

I'm looking at Wilson DNA backpack. Unfortunately, I'm from the Philippines and I'm not sure where to find them here. My plan is to order here and when my Auntie comes home from the US later this month, she'll bring the bag with her.

Yes, there's a dimensions in the product description but it's not very helpful.
Can someone tell me how big the Wilson DNA backpack compared to Head Djokovic?
Would be great to have a picture of both side by side.

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the wilson dna pack is very small. you ll be disappointed since i looked at it in a tennis store....

the best backpack right now imo and according to Michelle from TW is the new wilson blade countervail black-green or orange backpack....

shoes space, bottle water space, can balls space, ipad space, very good and solid material

Thanks! You saved me from purchasing another small bag.
That blade back pack looks nice. The shape looks very similar to my old Head tour team backpack.


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For $10, the TW backpack is just an inch smaller than the Wilson. I use it when I bike to my local courts. Fits two frames, a 40 ounce water bottle, balls, a towel, extra shirts, sunscreen, grips, etc., easily. The fit for the frames is a little tight, but workable.

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