Wilson Duo Power or Ultimate Duo opinions/experiences?

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I've pretty much always used a full bed of NXT. I have pretty flat strokes, but like to be able to slice and dice too. I'm not a string breaker. I've been considering trying out Duo Power (NXT Power mains, ALU crosses) just to have an experience with a poly, but I rarely see anyone mention Duo Power even when the thread is about multi/poly hybrids. Any experience good or bad?

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Just stick with the fullbed nxt.

Introducing the poly cross will only mess with your launch angle and reduce stringbed life by 50%.
I put them in as poly/multi. It was for another person, so I didn't hit with it. I've used poly only with natural gut mains (I used Pacific XForce 18 in the crosses) and it felt good. It's been a while though.