Wilson HPS 7.1


Could anyone please give me any feedback on the Wilson HPS 7.1? I need it quickly becuase there is one on **** that is really cheap that I am thinking about bidding on, so please, anyone who can give me feedback on it please tell me what you think of it. Thanks in advance.


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Great racquet...58 RA, so you have to generate the power, 11.7 oz, 27", 95" head, swingweight around 318. Overall, very maneuverable...I would add 3 grams of lead tape at both the 3 & 9 positions to make it more stable on the volleys.


I owned one of these for about two years now and I'll say, it's been a pleasure playing with it. It is light enough and yet hefty enough to get around on hard serves and return them deep and with pace. Its great on serves, overheads and groundies (I especially love hitting my low-spinning one-hander with it). The only problem I have with it is that you really have to focus on the volleys (I think because of the low flex rating). If I'm tired and not really punching my volleys, they either fall short or on the wrong side of the net. :) At any rate, overall, it gets a pick. I bought it to replace my Ti.Radical OS which I gave away. The only stick I've enjoyed hitting as much with is my PS85 (on good days, that is :)


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I have a friend who loves this frame but I've seen quite a few of them break without any warning at all.


Yeh mine broke at about 5 and 7. I was hitting with Ray Woodforde (marks dad) and it just cracked, I had only had it for about 3 months. Apart from that it is a great racquet.
Very good all around racquet. I still use it for playing doubles or on off days, but it feels quite different from the other Pro Staffs. EXTREMELY flexible, some people don't like the feel of it.
I was having shoulder problems and stopped using my 85 for a while.
Volleys are OK, but it took me some time to really control them. In my opinion, no stick volleys better than the 85.


proracketeer said:
What about the Pro Staff 7.1? (black with big white letters, from 2000?)
Thanks again for the info guys, but I lost the bid.:( Anyway, I wouldn't know about this racquet, I wasn't watching or playing in 2000.


I spoke with the Wilson rep at the Easter Bowl. The 7.1 was very popular with junior tournament players which it wasn't meant for. It was a light stick marketed to casual players. It could take the swing speed from the juniors and crackes at the 7 o'clock position. It was pulled after a few years. I cracked 3 of them but they were replaced. I had 7 from my tournament player son and have 4 left for sale. He loved the racquet but as he grew taller, the racquet was too powerful. I use it now.