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I demoed it a few times strung with Wilson Sensation 16. Hitting side by side with my Prince Equipe MP (a 12+ oz racquet with a swingweight in the high 330s), I noticed that it required more input from me to get the same results. Couldn't relax on slice backhands or blocked returns. Had to really work to avoid overspinning my forehand. That's the bad.

Here's the good. Was able to serve with it right away. Since I rely on spin serves, it worked really well for me. At the net, I found it to have just enough mass to handle shots from anyone I hit with (tested it with a 5.0 partner who can really flatten out and hammer his strokes, so I think it's stable). As for power. The racquet has a nice crisp feel and what I thought was good pop. Understand that I tend to like low powered frames as I overswing nearly every time I come over the ball. It was certainly stiff enough and solid enough for me to play with.

Only real issue for me was the weight. I don't mind working hard on the topspin groundies because I do that with every racquet. Working hard on serves, slices, and volleys is another thing entirely. Ultimately, I just decided it's too light. If you like lead and don't mind tinkering, I think you'll enjoy it. It is a good racquet with nice control and some good qualities. Worth a demo if you're looking for something light. I went to the other end of the spectrum, the heaviest 95" frame I could find... M-Fil 200 18x20.

Craig Sheppard

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I switched from my Fischer Magnetic Tour rackets to the KPro Tour 96 this year. I play various 4.0 leagues (mostly doubles), and 4.5 tournaments (mostly singles), so I get a good mix of style & level of play. Strength is my serve, and have a 1-hbh.

Regardless of what most people say, I think it's a solid racket. I string it w/ PSGD Gold @ 55 lbs. It does everything for me, so far after 3 months with it and at least a dozen matches, I'm not wanting anything else. It doesn't have the most feel, but it's got enough. I use a worm-style dampener so it really takes any shimmies out of the hit.

For a 16x20, I can get some great spin out of the KPro Tour. Slices stick low, volleys cut well, and top is easy to put on. Coming from a 100" 16x19 Fischer (more open pattern), this is an upgrade in the spinniness dept. It's got all the control I need, it goes where I want it to, nothing funky going on there. Pretty low powered, but it's a players stick so that's what I expect. Can get nice pop out of it though w/ a full swing. Flex is manageable and the racket doesn't seem to be harsh on my joints. This racket's low-fat, no butta here, but it's all good anyway. The weight is easy to maneuver and great on quick shots. You can hit heavy balls with it, you just have to get some good racket head speed.

One oddball thing is that w/o a dampener, it feels like a different racket--one that I don't know if I'd like. But leave that guy in there, and it's a much nicer hit. So go with me on this...it reminds me of a lighter Pro Staff Classic. I've always been looking for something similar to that. Well this thing is kinda boardy and really spinny and has the oval/narrow head like the PSC, only lighter. My shoulder can't handle something that heavy, so I've found something that has some similar qualities in a lighter package. Good for me, ymmv.
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I personally think it is one of Wilson's better rackets. It's awesome to swing with. Despite the beam width and string pattern because of its light weight it means you can whip through very fast. I could rip on the ball with accuracy and control every time because of the low weight and 300 swingweight. It's not particularly stiff.

Much better than the Kblade 98.

However, it can get a little boring having to rip through to get any depth and keep the pace on.

All in all though, it is nicely head light and allows you to play aggressively on reaching or on-the-run shots.

I found spin serve to be good, but flat serving was better.

All in a all a stick that made me want to stamp on my Prince Speedport Tour.

However, it's no n6.1 95 or Becker mid, or AG200 or Exo3 rebel which all excel for their different qualities.

Kprotour is simply a VERY FUN stick.

Craig Sheppard

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how's the beam width? any issues with it? it seems a bit thicker than i'd prefer.
Naah, doesn't really seem any thicker than most modern rackets. Days of thin box beam stuff are long gone... I mean, if that's your thing then cool, but I didn't notice the beam width having any detrimental impact on how the racket played at all.