Wilson Ncode N6


Has anyone used this racquet. What was it like? I like the look of it and like lite racquets. Give me a little review on this racuquet plaease.
I used the n6 Oversize. It's a good, powerful racquet. But if you have developed strokes and can generate your own power, this isn't the best racquet to have.


I have demoed this racquet and its way too powerful and light for my taste. However it is a solid hitting racquet. If you don't want a super poweful racquet, and you don't want a players racquet, the ncode nTour is a great racquet. Demo it! Its 95 square inch and balanced swing is very good. Its a good blend of control and power. I am not sure this racquet is for me. I am leaning toward a little more of a control racquet. I am gonna try out the nCode n6.1 Tour 90 and the n6.1 95.