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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by rngrsfn99, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. rngrsfn99

    rngrsfn99 Guest

    I have been a life long Wlison user. My latest purchase was the Wilson nCode nPro Surge.
    I would like to get some user opinions on this racquet.

    In addition, recently my interest has been peaked by the Babolat AeroPro Drive. How would this racquet compare to the Surge?

  2. El Diablo

    El Diablo Guest

    Feb 19, 2004
    I tried the similar but swingweight-challenged nPro and didn't care for it. What's your take on the Surge thus far?
  3. lookitstrevor

    lookitstrevor Rookie

    Jun 26, 2005
    Wasn't the surge supposed to be the new Pd? is that true? I never hit with the surge. It has a nice color to it tho, a nice green.
  4. voltman

    voltman Rookie

    Feb 19, 2004
    Why are you asking after you've bought it?
  5. isell188

    isell188 Rookie

    Feb 9, 2005
    Awesome racquet... I demo'd it this morning, and it hit really nice. I was playing the N-tour 105 and this has more power on the serves and it plays beautiful at net (I had 2 great volly shots). Plays much softer on arm than the PD.

    Strung with NRG2 @58#
  6. rngrsfn99

    rngrsfn99 Guest

    I enjoy the racquet, it's much better than it's predecessor (5.1 Surge)
    The racquet has good power for baseline shots and the swing weight is right on. In addtion it has nice control and a clean dampened feel when striking the ball (that is with the addition of worm shock absorber). I do wish it had a bit more pop for serves.

    Before upgrading to the Wilson nCode nPro Surge, I did demo a few racquets...

    Babolat Pure Drive
    Head Liquidmetal Radical
    Head Liquidmetal 4

    I enjoyed the LM4 the best but it killed my arm. It had amazing power on serves. I did have an issue harnessing it's power on forehands...hit many shots long.

    I decided to go with the Wilson nCode nPro Surge for it's overall feel and performance.

    I was peaked by the AeroPro because it (spec wise) it compares closely to the Wilson nCode nPro Surge.
    I am currently looking for a second racquet and was wondering if it was worth giving the Babolat AeroPro Drive a demo.

    I am a 4.5 baseline player...I like hitting the ball hard.
    I enjoy lots of topspin on the forehand.
    My backhand preference is a slice
  7. rngrsfn99

    rngrsfn99 Guest

    Any other opinions from players who have demo'd or use the Wilson nCode nPro Surge.
    How about the Babolat AeroPro Drive?

  8. paulfreda

    paulfreda Hall of Fame

    Oct 3, 2004
    Bangkok, Thailand
    I have the non Surge version of the nPro. The specs are nearly identical.
    I found it a nice hit when the racquet is moving as in groundies and serve. But for hard volleys and tight shots, the lack of inertia was noticable and annoying. I leaded it up at 3 and 9 in the head and some balance lead in the throat and it is now a pretty stable frame. But it is not as solid as my ncode 6195 which I must use against strong hitters as I come to net alot.
    In short a nice frame, easy to play with, but it has its limitations.
  9. mary fierce

    mary fierce Banned

    Mar 11, 2004
    As above, I've found with both Surges that going against a heavy hitter, especially a heavy server where there's less time to prepare and far more reaction shots, the racquet can really get knocked around. Give yourself a month or two to get used to a 12 ounce racquet and you'll be hitting great returns and wondering why you ever bothered with 11 ounce balsaracquets. (One week demo periods are inadequate for this purpose).
  10. isell188

    isell188 Rookie

    Feb 9, 2005
    are you saying that the Npro surge is a 12 oz racquet, and to give it time to get used to it?
  11. ollinger

    ollinger Legend

    Nov 24, 2004
    New Jersey
    I think she's saying the Surge is a (not so stable) 11 ounce racquet and that you might be better off with a 12 ounce stick.
    Problems from paxil
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  12. volleyman

    volleyman Semi-Pro

    Aug 13, 2004
    Durham, NC
    I have an Npro Surge, ever so slightly heavier and head light than stock, thanks to a half size grip build up.

    I don't have any complaints about stability. It provides good punch and plenty of spin to harness the power. It's solid on volleys and half volleys and is maneuverable enough for rapid fire volley exchanges. Surprisingly, for an 11 oz racquet, it's capable of producing good flat serves. It's a dream for hitting excellent spin serves.

    It is a relatively stiff frame though. While I really like the power, control and spin I'm getting out of it with Head FXP 17 (57 lbs), my arm and shoulder are beginning to complain. It's looking like it's time to move the tension down or use a softer string.
  13. barry

    barry Hall of Fame

    Mar 7, 2004
    I am using the Wilson Prostaff Surge (to cheap to upgrade, current price $59). My rackets weigh 11.8 ounces strung. Both have leather grips and lead tape at 3, 12, and 3. Just under 12 ounces, which is perfect for me. Any switch to the Ncode version. What are the benefits?
    I use synthetic gut mains with 17 gauge poly crosses strung at 55 pounds. Seems to be a great frame against hard hitters.

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