Wilson nSix-One Tour 90 nCode-Arm concerns



I know that this is more of a health question but I thought I would post it under racquets as well. I was just wondering if anyone has tried using the Wilson nSix-One Tour 90 nCode(Federer's racquet) and developed any arm problems with it. I.e. Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow or wrist problems. I know that some of the reviewers on TW said that they have got a sore wrist from using it. I have some tennis elbow and golfers elbow and I just wanted to know if this has been a concern.




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It is on the stiffer side and has a high SW. You can tweak the setup (strings, tension and lead) to make it more arm-friendly but if there is some other racquet that you can play equally well with, its probably better to switch.


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ive gotten horrible tennis elbow from the n6.1 95 16 x 18. i can no longer play w/o one of those brace things right under my elbow, but after a week or so w/o playing i was able to play w/ it again. i also had an extremely sore wrist, which was worse than the tennis elbow at 1 time. rest cleared that up well though. if its not your holy grail racquet, i think it warrents a switch if u mind wearing a tennis elbow brace whenever u play.


I've been demoing both the Tour 90 and the POG MP, and I had no arm problems whatsoever. The Tour 90 does have the makings of a racket that could give future arm problems after repeated use.


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I believe the Asian nSix-One Tour 90 partly contributed to the cause of my golfer's elbow. It's fairly stiff throughout but I think it's also the funky balance that may have caused my golfer's elbow.


I have a wimpy, girly man inner elbow. I am very careful about my racquet and strings, and I haven't had any problems with the n6.1 90. It is stiff, especially noticeable on soft to medium paced hits, but when you really thwack the ball it reveals a plush side. Perhaps the thin beam accounts for some of this, or maybe it's just the weight of the racquet. Whatever the reason, it is surprisingly kind to my arm.


You guys are overlooking one other impt element here....that being

-sweetspot size - it's hard to flush hit this frame and it's heavy. misshits are never good for your health. if someone forces this racquet to work because it is very demanding, that could lead to all kinds of injuries.
i would avoid this frame unless you are at least a 4.5 and a precision ball striker with grooved strokes
it is extra impt for you that you buy the right racquet for your game since you have a couple injuries. try something from volkl or PK (both consider the comfort of the player)..something with the right swingweight for your game and with a sweetspot you can reliably hit
i have it it starts hurting a bit because it is qiute heaavy but it shouldnt hurt ur arm from shock because it is so heavy so that takes all the shock away


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The nCode Tour 90 is my daily hitter. It actually solved my shoulder problems since this racquet is more comfortable than the comparitively harsh Pro Staff Tour 90. Plus, the extra weight means I don't have to swing as hard to get good plow.
Thats still the only frame, the nSix-One Tour 90, thats ever given me a bad tingly feeling in my elbow (a.k.a. tennis elbow) after only 3 times on the court. I promptly put it away in my bag and havent brought it back out since. Now it's just collecting dust, it's too bad.