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    I came across this post on another message forum (Grand Slam Stringers) where it seems that the real pros in the stringing buisness congregate. This is one post of many regarding the best stringing technique. I hope GSS doesn't mind the copy and paste.

    Its not often we hear from the manufacturer's design people and when the BigRedDubya speaks everyone listens-or should.

    "Hello Everyone,

    Wilson doesn’t recommend any one method for stringing a racket. Our frames are designed to withstand the stresses incurred while stringing with any one of the four standard stringing methods: ATW, 50/50, top to bottom and bottom to top. If a frame’s beam and cross-sectional geometry is designed correctly, along with the correct carbon fiber inter-laminar reinforcements, it should realize minimal distortion using any one of these four methods.

    Any frame is going to distort some during stringing, some brands more than others. A frame goes through incredible stress when strung with 16 mains and 18 crosses at 55 lbs. Obviously these stresses increase when you up the tension and add mains and crosses. Wilson feels that the least stressful methods are the 50/50, ATW and top to bottom. The most stressful, by a small margin, is the bottom to top method.

    Try this experiment: take four matched frames, string one each method with identical string and tension. Measure the minor and major axis before and after stringing, also notice how easily the racket removes from the stringing machine mounting system. If possible play with each racket to see if you can feel any difference in the stringbed characteristics.

    Bill Severa
    Senior Designer
    Wilson Racket Sports"

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