Wilson or Yonex?

Which racquet did you like better?

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I was looking on the TW, and I saw that Wilson nCode Six-One 95 and the Yonex RDS 001 were listed as similar. I was wondering if anyone had demoed these two rackets and what the thoughts were?


I don't play at that level yet, but I have to go with the lesser of two evils for me.


which versions of both rackets are you talking about? since you say the specs were similar, im gonna guess the rds001 mid and the n6.1 95 16x18...

if so, the rds001 mid doesnt hit as solid or stable, but definitely has more feel... imo, the n6.1 tour 90 and rds001 mid are a better comparison.


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Woah....very tough choice. Both are excellent racquets. I think it comes down to how much power you want and how much weight you can handle. The nSix-One 95 is more powerful, but it also swings a bit heavier, so if you're not in good physical shape, it may wear you down a bit. I think the nSix-One 95 also serves and returns a bit better but the RDS 001 Mid is more maneuverable and has a bigger sweetspot.


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Both good sticks and a tough choice for doubles I play more singles my self so I cant say but since i am wilson faithful i must say the wilson


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Bumping this thread since I'm having a hard time deciding between these two racquets. Anybody else have an opinion on the nsix-one 95 vs the rds001 MP?


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The Wilson is a very demanding racquet skill wise. You have got to be an accomplished player and very well-rounded. I would not reccomend it to any intermediates, only well advanced.
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