Wilson pro labs Six One 95 v13 questions


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Questions for those who own the Wilson pro labs six one 95 18x20:
1. Are the string holes/ grommets parallel drilled or traditional?

2, does the grip pallet have amplified? (Carbon shanks)

Basically trying to figure out “version” this six one is modeled from. If the holes are parallel drilled I believe the grommet will have a separate piece on the bumper guard for the center main strings.
Supposedly this is a re-skin of the old Hyper Pro Staff. I’m sure there are some differences rather than a pure paint job change, but that might be something other posters and owners can answer.


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Not sure if it is the same model, but I had a Prostock Six One 95 18x20 (*the white with gold accents - one before the last paint job). It felt much softer than the retail Six One 95 but needed some lead at 2 & 10 for more stability and plow. Not sure which model it was based on, but it definitely felt much more flexible.