Wilson Pro Racket Help??


Okay I have two rackets (supposedly) used by teimuraz gabashvili, I have not had oppertunity to evaluate the actual specs of the rackets as I am not home at the moment and im not sure if they were actually used however I know they were from his stock..
Now for the confusing part
In the throat area, under string tension on one of them it says 16 x 18 on it then nothing underneath in the same box.. while one says 2064-07 on it..

(Oh and they say 12 pts hl on them?)

Now the one that says 16 x 18 with the 2064-07's throat is shiny and says weight (332 grams, 11.7 oz.) and the other one has 333 grams 11.7 oz.
The boxes for the specs are also in different places and on one the wilson.com badge on the opposite side is matt and has no qc sticker while the other one looks like my friends k95..

Also the ends are different..
One is like in these pics :
While the other one is like this
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I guess they get customized to his specs by the pro room and they just slapped the actual weight that they measured there on the sticks instead of just putting the standard paintjob specs. Are they both 16x18?