Wilson Pro Staff 7.5. Any current Wilson as flexy?


Does Wilson make any current frames with as much flex and softness as the Pro Staff Classic 7.5? For those that have never heard of this racquet it is the same mold as the Pro Staff Classic 6.1 and all of its children up the current Six.One line. I have TE and this frame is soft enough for me. Does Wilson make any current 95 sq in racquets with an open string pattern likenthe 7.5's 16x18?


I played with the PS 7.5 for many years, excellent stick! Flex rating of 55. There are 2 sticks available that you can compare: the Prince rebel 95 (very close) and the pro kennex redondo 93 or 98. You can't go wrong with eigter one of these. Good luck!!


Whilst not quite as the flexy as the 7.5 in terms of rating, the Wilson Pro Staff 95 has a flex rating of 62 which is pretty flexible. Having played with the stick, it certainly has a noticeable degree of flex in the frame and has the traditional box beam design for the classic feel.

It also, as the name suggests, is a 95sq in racquet and has a 16x19 string pattern. I also believe there is going to be a 16x15 string pattern coming out in 2014 if you want a really open pattern.

Might be worth giving it a demo with either gut or a soft multi.