Wilson pro staff 85 (HNO on buttcap)

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First, you are in the wrong section. There is a "Classic racquet talk" where you can get more responses.

Secondly, you probably got St Vincent but the real value depends on its condition and can be anywhere from $under $100 to $250 based on current prices and buyers willing to pay.

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I found the abovementioned frame and was wondering how much it is approximately worth. Thx!
Pretty sure the "O" is a "Q", so it's likely a St. Vincent. Just go on the big auction site to see how much they've gone for in conditions similar to it.


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That's not an "O"

It's a "Q"

Wilson did not print "O" 's because they could be confused for "Q" 's

If you look closely, you'll see the tail end of the "Q"

It's a St. Vincent racquet you have.