Wilson Pro staff 97 - what do you think of it?


seriously looking into this racket. would love some of you opinions of this racket and how it plays
Thanks :)


What rackets have you used so we can make meaningful comparisons for you? Cuz I have one that I'm trying to sell but I always feel comparisons to rackets are more helpful than general comments


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You'd be crazy not to demo it if that's available to you. I couldn't control it well enough but I have two friends who are nuts about the frame. It seems like a love-it-or-hate-it kinda racquet for some reason.


Well I've playtested it for TWE, so the thread should be easy to find. Overall I find it's a way better counterpart to the RFA than the PS95 was to the PS90.

The PS97 really feels like a lighter RFA but it keeps good power, good stability/plow, good precision, good SW and balance. And since the specs are pretty good it makes a decent platform racquet; even if I prefer the even lighter PS97LS as a platform frame.
Compared to the 90, PS95 had the same shape with a bigger headsize but none of its plow, none of its mass in the head or behind the ball and even less power despite the bigger headsize; nevermind the stability. It still retains good spin and precision, but I attribute this precise feel to the fact that it just has very, very little power. And because despite its lack of mass in the hoop it already weights 11.7 or .8oz strung, it's tough to raise the SW while keeping a decently HL balance without making the racquet very heavy.


I agree with Lukhas by and large. I tend to favor the RF97 as I order the weight and additional stability that the RF offers.

It's definitely worth a demo. Its bears some similarly to the AI98 in that it's a solid all around racket, but the feel of the two is very different


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I also agree with Lukhas; I hit with it for about 20 min and found that I preferred it to the heavier RF97. My usual racket is the PS90, so it wasn't the weight of the RF that I disliked. Might have been the stiffness.


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The PS 97 is definitely a racquet that you will either like it or hate it. I find it offers a good amount of spin, power, and control and I think the reason some people do not like this racquet is that the sweet spot isn't really well defined. It's generous but most probably want that nice solid pop sound which this does not produce.

It's not as solid as the PS 90 but a lot more solid than the PS 95. I would say it's somewhere between the two racquet and is more geared towards modern hitters.

Serving is one area where it excels. It's very easy to generate racquet speed and control with this racquet.


I have always used Wilson rackets on and off for 30 years. The new PS 97 is a winner. It has controllable power with a larger sweet spot than its predecessors. I think that if you have developed strokes, but do not want to work very hard to achieve spin and penetrating shots, this would benefit most players. It is string sensitive so you must try a few hybrid or full co-poly set ups. I played great yesterday in my singles league match with the Pro Staff. It feels comfortable with each solid hit. It has everything that you want in a racket. I believe that you should add 3-5 grams of lead in the handle and 3 grams at 12 o'clock in order to bring out the best in this frame.