Wilson Pro Staff Classic 6.1 85

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    Alright, I happened to luck into a PSC6.1 85. In stock form, strung with Black Code 18 at 50 lbs., it's 12.1 oz and 8pt HL (the same as my PB10s). It came with L3 grip size and a Fairway leather grip. It had a 16x18 pattern. The bumper and grommets were that of the old Pro Staff mids. I hit with it for a set of 4.0 v. 4.5 doubles and some rallying before and after.

    History/Playing Style: I used the 6.1 95 for 7 years so the 6.1 85 had that familiar feel when I cradled the racquet at the throat. Measuring it to my PSC6.1 Tours, the head size wasn't that much smaller. My game is 4.0-4.5 lefty heavy junk all-court player. Semiwestern fh, 2-handed backhand. I am currently using the Power Bridge 10 mid strung with Black Code 18 at 50 lbs. My PB10 mids are 12.1oz, 8pt HL strung.

    Initial impressions on the court: No one noticed what frame I was holding, just that they said "man, that's a classic frame." Swinging it around, I noticed how easy it was to whip around.

    Groundstrokes/Returns: Compared to my PB10 mid, due to the 21mm beam, the 6.1 85 was more solid; it felt stiffer but not by much. Spin (topspin, slice) was comparable. Power was comparable too. I just really felt at ease with using the 6.1 85; compared to the 6.1 95, the 85 needed to be slightly more precise but it wasn't too bad. It was easy to get the racquet around in position for some of the bombs I was facing. I could block the ball back and it'd go back with some pace thanks to the solidity of the frame.

    Volleys: The key word here is solid. The one thing about my PB10 I've gotten used to is the flexy feel. The 6.1 85 however is definitely different, but in a good way. I don't feel the racquet head flex as much at impact and that made volleying a bit easier as far as controlling direction. It's almost point-and-shoot. Touch was easy to come by but I had a bit more fun smacking high volleys and and picking up the tough half-volleys with 'quiet hands' and a firmer than normal wrist.

    Serves: Word of caution, I typically serve a bit more twist/slice instead of flat serves so I will talk more about spin than power. With the 6.1 85, I was amazed at the spin at first and actually had to dial it down as my serve actually came up shorter in the box. Directional control was excellent too as I was hitting corners on first and second serves. A bit off tangent, but the 6.1 85 matches the solidity and pop of the 6.1 95 and the swinging ease of the PB10 mid. It's been noted before that the serve is the last thing to come around but I was serving well with it right off the bat.

    I'll report back with more later, including pictures.

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