Wilson pro staff RF97 vs pro staff 90?


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I am 16 years old(almost 17) and have been playing tennis for a couple of years. I started playing tennis when I was 12 years old, then I played almost every day. I am left handed and have a one-handed backhand. I play mostly from the baseline but I am really trying to hit winners and I only come forward to finish off points and put the ball away. I dont volley very often. I used a Babolat pure drive gt for a while but I switched to the
Wilson blx pro staff six one 90. I have been using this racket for about 2 years.
I tennis very often so my strings break quit often. Should I buy a second blx pro staff six one 90? Or should I maybe get some pro staff 95's, or some Wilson pro staff RF97 autograhp's? Is the new pro staff RF97 autograph any good? Both the 95 and 97 are a bit more forgiving. Or should I just get a second pro staff 90 so if my string breaks I can go on with the same racket.(because each racket plays different)


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If you dont have any problems with your current frame, and like it, stick with it.

If you play alot or in any competitive way, I recommend at least 2 of the same frames.

If you're breaking strings alot, you can do a number of things. 1) Verify that the racket is being strung properly
2) Check the grommets for rough edges
3) Use a more durable string (thicker gauges, polys, etc)
4) Buy a stringer and string more frequently!


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I would buy 2 more of the 90 frames and keep developing that way (if you think the strings are the issue). However I don't think the pro staff 90 is a good frame for a baseline basher and would suggest switching to a larger frame if you have any hesitations. A good hybrid between the pure drive and pro staff is the pure strike 100 (leaded up). It is also a more poly friendly racquet which means less breaking strings


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If you want to get better in tennis, stop trying to hit winners. The easiest players to beat are those that constantly try to hit winners. Hit a simple ball to them, and they rip it long/wide. If you want to get better, learn how to move the ball around and how to dismantle your opponent.