Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph is ... "GAY" ???


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I got a call yesterday morning from the same Amer Sports Canada customer service representative with whom I had spoken initially.
She informed me that the 3-letter codes on the buttcaps are a date code that can help them identify the time period when a racquet was manufactured.
(Since the racquets already have individual serial numbers on the holographic stickers, I assume that these date codes are sort of an additional check/security feature)

Either way, they offered to replace my racquets, if I was not happy with them.
I declined, because the two racquets are perfectly matched in weight and balance, and I didn't want to lose that.
Instead I suggested that they could send me replacement buttcaps, which I could replace myself later if I will so choose.
They gladly agreed.
I see this is a reasonable solution for everybody, and it saves them the unnecessary expense of replacing the entire racquets.

So far I'm impressed by how quickly and professionally Wilson/Amer Sports Canada have handled this.
I'll update when I'll receive the new caps.
Wonder what was said between Wilson and Amer Sports. Still laughing about this.
I promised I was going to provide an update, so for anyone still interested in the story of my gay racquets, here's what happened:

It appears that I was praising Wilson/Amer Sports customer service a little too soon.
Returning home from a business trip, I found a package from them waiting for me.
Unfortunately, the content was not what I expected:

1. They provided a replacement buttcap for 1 racquet, instead of 2.
2. That doesn't even matter anyway, because the replacement cap provided isn't even for the right racquet.
3. It was a nice gesture of them to include a replacement grip as well, but again, unfortunately it's not even the right one for my racquets. (I hadn't even requested a replacement grip, because frankly I felt bad about it and didn't really want to take advantage of the situation.)

Anyway, I'm disappointed.
It seems that they had good intentions, but unfortunately it was a total fail on the execution.
i use the regular PS97, mine arent GAY, they are GJH and GJT
it has to do something with the production code. why does that affect the play of the racquet?