Wilson PS85 officially gone for good (?)....


......from anyone that cashes any money from "pro" tournament play?

Yeah, yeah, yeah......I know, I know.

It looks like the last official hold-out for the Wilson Pro Staff Midsize, Aaron Krickstein (shown below)....

.....may have finally hung up his PS85s. I was watching the ATP World Tour show after the Indian Wells final today and saw footage of him hitting with a Wilson frame with a BLX90. It was just a nice former player catch-up piece.

It was pretty shaky coverage just showing his return game from a court-side cam, but it seems he's switched.....barring a BLX90 pj'd PS85 which is highly unlikely.

May the PS85 RIP.....:cry:


Hall of Fame
Regardless, the PS85 will always sit atop the "genealogical" tree of Wilson's pro staff line. Yes, I know there were a couple of models, such as the Jack Kramer PS85 that preceded the PS 6.0 85, but IMO that version was a prototype and the PS 6.0 85 is the *definitive* pro staff and always will be.